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Support the Library by Shopping on Amazon!

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Shop Amazon and support the Puyallup Public Library!   Simply click the "Buy it Now" button next to any item in our catalog to shop online and a part of the proceeds will be donated back to Puyallup Public Library!  Even better, bookmark the Amazon page when you get there and every time you use that bookmark, you'll be supporting the library. 

But how does "Buy it Now" work?

While the Puyallup Public Library may not provide access to every item you'd like to check out, you have the option to purchase items that are currently unavailable or that you would like to own, and support the Library when you purchase.  Perhaps you want a new bestseller but it's already checked out.  Now you can "Buy it Now" through Amazon and the library will receive a portion of the proceeds all year long!  Better yet, you can also use "Buy it Now" to purchase a set of skis or furniture for your home.  Simply shop through Puyallup Public Library's Amazon link and a percentage of your purchase will benefit your library. 

Help Puyallup Public Library thrive by making purchases you already intend to make!

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