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Weekly Prize Drawings

Welcome to the Puyallup Public Library's Teen Summer Reading Program!  This year, teens can catch a film, meet an author, learn about forensics, play Minecraft, and get crafty!  There are lots of free programs throughout the entire summer.  Teens can register and track their reading online, while also earning prizes like books, baseball tickets, gift cards, and a chance to spend the night in the library.

Click here to register for the Summer Reading program!

Prize Pic attack on titanPrize Drawing Box 1 - It's Frozen! (July 5th)

Prize Drawing Box 2 - Regal Gift Card (July 5th)

Prize Drawing Box 3 - Attack on Titan (July 11th)

Prize Drawing Box 4 - Alice in Wonderland Book Pillow (July 11th)

Prize Drawing Box 5 - Elements Gift Card (July 18th)

Prize Drawing Box 6 - Gamer Goodies (July 18th)

Prize pic book pillowPrize Drawing Box 7 - Water Speakers (July 25th)

Prize Drawing Box 8 - Anime Fanatics Part 1 (July 25th)

Prize Drawing Box 9 - GameStop Gift Card (August 1st)

Prize Drawing Box 10 - Minecraft Mania (August 1st)

Prize Drawing Box 11 - Bakin' Catbug Fun (August 1st)

Prize Drawing Box 12 - South Hill Mall Gift Card (August 8th)

Prize Drawing Box 13 - Homestuck (August 8th)

Prize pic MinecraftPrize Drawing Box 14 - Anime Fanatics Part 2 (August 8th)

Prize Drawing Box 15 - Amazon Gift Card (August 16th)

Prize Drawing Box 16 - Doctor Who (August 16th)

The following boxes will be available later this summer:

Prize Drawing Box 17 - Pokemon (August 16th) - preview coming soon

Prize Drawing Box 18 - Fair passes (August 16th) - preview coming soon

Prize Pic Tardis pillow               Prize pic catbug