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Beneath the Surface

Check out all the ways that you can spend the summer at the Library!  Teens can play Minecraft, learn about video game design, craft, or catch a movie.  And, of course, there are lots of things to read! This summer, teens can win prizes, including books and gift cards, by reading and attending programs. 

Teen Summer Reading runs from June 17th to August 17th. 

All activities are free and open to teens, ages 12 - 19.

SRP 2013 Hyrule

SRP 2013 Pirates

GW 6-25-13

SRP 2013 DigiPen
GW 7-2-13

SRP 2013 Sailor Moon
GW 7-9-13

SRP 2013 Minecraft

SRP 2013 Warm Bodies

SRP 2013 Murder Mystery

SRP 2013 Cosplay

SRP 2013 Mustache

SRP 2013 Digipen August

SRP 2013 Lock In