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One World, Many Stories

2011 was a summer about traveling and exploring.  The children's theme was One World, Many Stories.  We learned about our history, meeting John, Paul, George, and Ben, and hearing stories the brought the Civil War to life.  There were magic lessons with Louie Foxx and drawing lessons taken from around the world with Kim Zeiger.

Our teen theme was You Are Here - but where was here, exactly?  We explored Puyallup when we geocached, did plein air sketches with Becky Bane, and learned about movement and exercise with parkour.  We tried new things in our Iron Chef competition, visited Japan (and OZ) when we watched Summer Wars, and even got locked in the library overnight!

We want to share our memories of this summer with you!  Please enjoy our pictures and videos.

This video is a collection of pictures from our kids' and teen programs. Enjoy photos from different events, including magician Louie Foxx, the Late Night Lock-In, the UnCivil War, and Drawing with Kim Zeiger.

In July, Parkour Visions taught teens about parkour, a form of exercise that involves using the environment around you to move and get from point A to point B.  These pictures are of the teens as they went from stretching to jumping to exploring parts of Pioneer Park.  Click here to look at the teens' adventures in parkour!

On August 3rd, the teens gathered for an Iron Chef competition.  We had some super tasty results!  Here's Iron Chef Part 1, where the teens prepared the dishes with our secret ingredient.

And here's part two, where the judges choose our winner!

Our Late Night Lock-In featured a lot of goofy games and running around the library.  Here's a video of our Scavenger Hunt, which involved tons of footwork, researching, and examining the library.  Also, a good sense of balance.

The second part of our Lock-In features our Paper Airplane contest and Silent Library games.