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Strategic Plan 2011-2013


Heart of the community – Doorway to the World… that is the way Library Strategic Planning Committee members described the Puyallup Public Library and the important role it plays in our city. Twenty community members, representing many viewpoints, met this year and determined the vision of our community and how the library could aide our city residents to reach that vision through 2013.

Library staff compiled the following information for the community members, including: community information, accomplishments from the Strategic Plan 2007-2010 and general information about the library.

Senator Jim Kastama facilitated a planning retreat and worked with the community members to craft a future direction for the library. Based on the community input, library staff and Board then developed a new mission, values and strategies. The Strategic Plan 2011-2013 was adopted by the Library Board in September and the Puyallup City Council in November, 2010.

In order to gather even more from community residents, the public was asked for their feedback about the library. We compiled over 800 responses that provided staff with needed information about the library. This information was used to craft our strategic plan. If you would like to see a survey summary and public response, check the Survey.

The purpose of a strategic plan is to assess the progress that is being made on a continual basis. Library Staff are using a Balanced Scorecard management tool as a new way of monitoring our strategic plan. This Scorecard makes the Library accountable in achieving the planned results and helps us stay focused on achieving our mission.

The strength of a Balanced Scorecard is that it considers all facets of our library operation, including financial, operational, customer service, outcomes and staffing perspectives. Because of the constantly changing library environment, a Balanced Scorecard allows us to keep in touch with what our customers want and how we can better deliver our services. It basically will aid Library staff in determining how to spend our resources.

Click here to view the Library's Strategic Plan 2011-2013 (pdf)

Libraries are the one American institution you shouldn't rip off.
  – Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams