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Books & Book Group Links

AR Lists for Puyallup schools

Find a book on your school's Accelerated Reading list and then reserve a copy in the Library's online catalog.

Book Lust Forever

Nancy Pearl's blog with book reviews and suggestions.

Book News

A service offered by the Puyallup Public Library website to get news and reviews of new books that have just arrived.

Book Spot

Top 100 lists, genre lists, book reviews and links to genre reading lists.

The Colbert Report Book List

This unofficial blog keeps track of the authors and their books featured on The Colbert Report.

The Daily Show Book List

This unofficial blog keeps track of the authors and their books featured on The Daily Show.

Fiction L

An electronic mailing list that offers tons of information and a variety of up-to-date book lists for fiction, genre fiction and nonfiction.

Mostly Fiction

Started in 1998, this site is maintained by a community of reviewers who voluntarily write about current books.

NPR's Books Page

Find NPR's "best books" lists, author interviews, and "must read" suggestions.

Online Book Club with DearReader

A service offered by the Puyallup Public Library, this online book club allows you to get daily samples of some of the latest books in a variety of genres.


“Overbooked is a website for ravenous and omnivorous readers.” This site offers timely information of fiction (all genres) and nonfiction.

Stop, You're Killing Me!

Stop, You’re Killing Me! is a resource for lovers of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. The site lists over 3,300 authors, with chronological lists of their books, including series and non-series.

What Should I Read Next?

A free, easy to use website that's sponsored by Amazon in the UK and the US. If you choose to register, you may build your own list of books.

What’s Next?

Site maintained by the Kent District Library for searching series fiction

Which Book

“A completely new way of choosing what to read.” This British website offers 12 points, i.e. happy or sad, funny or serious, to choose a title for you. The “borrow” button is for British libraries only.

World Book Club

The BBC offers podcasts featuring interviews with great authors from around the world, discussing their best known books.

Personal Libraries

These websites all offer a variety of personal library services that let you keep track of what you read, while also reviewing, tagging, and sharing your books online. Receive recommendations and find similar books and authors.