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How cool is it when Bill Barnes comes to your library to talk about making comics?  It's very cool indeed!  This workshop was pretty full, and we had lots of fun learning about what sorts of things your brain is doing when it reads a comic or getting up to the whiteboard and doing some drawing.  If you still haven't read Unshelved, you should go there now and read some of it!

Comics Workshop 1

It was quite the crowd... we have more comic-fans than you can shake a stick at!

Comics Workshop 2

Yes, it's true that Bill Barnes moves outside of time and space.  We just barely captured him on film.

Comics Workshop 3

Check out what happens before a comic is born!

Comics Workshop 4

A brave volunteer got up in front of the crowd and drew her own comic strip, "Tiny Minds."

Comics Workshop 5

And soon lots of people were hard at work on the whiteboard!

Comics Workshop 6

Comics Workshop 7

Comics Workshop 8

Comics Workshop 9