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Sep. 25, 2009 at 3:38pm Sleeping Beauty all over again!

Forget what you know about Sleeping Beauty, her handsome prince, and that wicked witch who put the curse on her in the first place!  Alex Flinn has written a whole new version of the story, called A Kiss In Time.  Princess Talia is not so sweet, her prince isn't really a prince at all, and that wicked witch actually had a reason to lay on that curse!

Princess Talia has spent her life being warned to avoid spindles, all because of a witch's curse.  But how is she to avoid one when when she doesn't even know what a spindle looks like?  However, her 16th birthday is just days away and then Talia will have avoided the curse completely!  When Talia ditches her governess to find the perfect dress for her party - not to mention the banquets, balls, and days of celebrating... she's going to need a lot of dresses - as she finds the perfect dresses, made by a sweet little old woman she's never met before, well, Talia finds out just what a spindle is!

Flash forward 300 hundred years and Jack has spent the last three weeks on a dull tour of Europe.  When he and his friend ditch the tour for a trip to the beach, they stumble across Talia's kingdom and the sleeping princess.  Jack knows he probably shouldn't kiss a sleeping girl - it's just too creepy!  But he can't resist kissing her, and when he does, she wakes up.  But both Talia and Jack quickly realize that this is not true love and they were not meant for each other.  However, Talia is desperate to travel and escape a kingdom that will surely be furious with her when they realize 300 years have passed.  She leaves with Jack to go to Florida, his home, and plans to make Jack fall for her, because only true love will actually break the witch's curse.  And speaking of the witch, Talia keeps seeing her in the strangest places - the airport baggage claim, at the botanical gardens she visits with Jack, and even in her dreams.  Can Talia escape her fate, or is she doomed to spend the rest of eternity sleeping?

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is how you spend time in both Talia and Jack's heads.  Talia must learn about the way the world works now, like how to answer a cell phone - leading to a terrible conversation with Jack's ex-girlfriend.  And Jack tries his best to help Talia, but the more he teaches her, the more he realizes he has to learn about himself.

If you like reading retellings of fairy tales, and you don't mind a little romance, definitely pick this book up!
Pretty good book. Nicely realistic portrayal of both a typical well-off teen in America, as well as the adjustment of the princess to a very different time & culture.
i have this book...with a different cover(red and no image..just plain red cover with a flower on it and its title)its lovely!!!!! i love it!

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