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Oct. 19, 2010 at 2:19pm Brains, fans, and Faith Hicks

I always have trouble getting into fan fiction.  Maybe it's because I feel a little like I'm cheating on the author.  Or maybe it's that the writing style I love so very, very much just isn't reproduced as well as I had hoped.  Or maybe I just can't reconcile the strange situations fan fiction creates.  What I do like, however, are fan comics.

Maybe I'm okay with fan comics because I'm used to different art styles, even for classic characters. I like seeing characters reimagined. Or maybe it's that fan comics often take looks into a niche of life that doesn't normally get discussed in most published comics. The everyday mundane stuff can take on an aura of interesting-ness (is that a word? well, now it is!) in a comic, whereas it can just seem tedious as all get-out in a prose format. So that's why I'm blogging about Faith Hicks' fan comic "Wolverine Goes to the Grocery Store." It's short, sweet, and to the point, but also hilarious.  Wolverine needs eggs... Canadian eggs.  And so he goes to the store.  But nothing is ever easy, is it?  Ninjas... grocery store ninjas!  Yeah, that's right.

If you're not familiar with Faith Hicks, she draws and writes comics for a living in the mysterious but awesome country of Canada. You can check out her work at the library when you read The War at Ellsmere, a graphic novel about Juniper, a 13 year old student who wins a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, Ellsmere Academy, something she's been wanting for a long time. However, the school doesn't turn out to be what she expected: Her roommate might be slightly crazy, there's a scary legend about a monster in the forest next to the school, and she's made a mortal enemy of Ellsmere's top student, who sets out to destroy her.

Her latest work is Brain Camp, which was written by Susan Kim and Laurance Klavan.  It's about two teens, Lucas (a surly delinquent... ooo!) and Jenna (artsy!), who are sent to Camp Fielding, a place that's supposed to turn campers into geniuses!  But how do they do it?  Well, it involves aliens, creepy bird-creatures, and zombie-ish behavior.  This graphic novel is great for fans of The Twilight Zone or other semi-creepy stories.

And I'm not even finished!  Since I am a Hunger Games fanatic, I was super excited to hear that Hicks had done a fan comic of the first book in the trilogy.  Well, it turns out to just be the opening sequence of the book, not the entire thing.  But still, it's awesome!  I think it really captures the look and feel of District 12.  And that might be the perfect depiction of Buttercup.

If you'd like to see more of Faith Hicks' work, head to her official website!

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