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Apr. 11, 2013 at 10:26am National Pet Day, 2013

Today is National Pet Day. (to find out more, click here)When I was a kid, I had a collie—he would do ANYTHING for me, but about the only thing he’d do for anyone else was… to go get ME! So if I was over at a neighbor’s house, and it was time to go home, Mom wouldn’t bother with the phone- I’d just beg to stay longer. Instead, she would tell him to go get me. He would go to the neighbor’s door, and he wouldn’t leave until I came with him.


Do you have a story about an animal that has enriched your life? Or maybe you are trying to decide about bringing a pet into your family. Here are some books and movies you can find at the library:

Aquariums by Jill Kalz  j639.34 KALZ

Birds: How to Choose and Care For a Bird  by Laura S. Jeffrey j636.6 JEFFREY

Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward  jj WARD

Hamsters by Zuza Vrbova  j636.9 VRBOVA

How to Draw Pets by Christine Smith  j743 SMITH

How to Talk to Your Dog  by Jean Craighead George  j636.7 GEORGE

I Wanna Iguana  by Karen Kaufman Orloff  jj ORLOFF

Jimmy's Boa Bounces Back by Trinka Hakes Noble  jj NOBLE

Kitten Care and Critters, Too  by Judy Petersen-Fleming  j636.8 PETERSE

Lad, A Dog  by Albert Payson Terhune  j TERHUNE

Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea  by Cynthia Rylant  jj 1-2 RYLANT

My Pet Ferrets by Amy Gelman  j636.9 GELMAN

My Pet Rat by Arlene Erlbach  j636.9 ERLBACH

Pet Wash by Dayle Ann Dodds  jj DODDS

Pot Bellied Pigs  by Lynn M. Stone  j636.4 STONE

Rabbit by Mark Evans j636.9 EVANS

Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  j NAYLOR

Totally Fun Things To Do With Your Dog  by Maxine Rock j636.7 ROCK

Turtles by Susan Schafer  j597.92 SCHAFER

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