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Feb. 5, 2010 at 1:48pm Movement... Miss Carol's theme of the week

Get out there and move!  Children need many opportunities to move around.  Large movements like running, skipping, hopping help children to learn how to control their large muscles or gross-motor skills.  This is important for learning balance, coordination, and even impulse control.  Small movements like scribbling, cutting with scissors, and opening evelopes help children learn how to control their small muscles or fine-motor skills.  This builds strength in the muscles children use to hold a pencil (an important step in learning to read and write).  Young children tend to be natural movers, but the action songs and fingerplays we use at stortyime are a fun way to use all those muscles. Plus, the children are learning a lot of great words and building up their vocabulary.

Some of my favorite movement picture books:
Move! by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
I Went Walking by Sue Williams, illustrated by Julie Vivas
Pots and Pans by Patricial Hubbell, pictures by Diane de Groat
Rhinos Who Snowboard by Julie Mammano

Some non-fiction reads:
My Daddy Is a Pretzel: Yoga for Parents and Kids by Baron Baptiste, with illustrations by Sophie Fatus
Little Hands Fingerplays & Action Songs: Seasonal Rhymes & Creative Play for 2-to-6-Year-Olds by Emily Stetson & Vicky Congdon
Go Outside!: Over 130 Activities for Outdoor Adventures by Nancy Blakey

Some fun DVD's on the subject:
The Fundamentals of Soccer with Stinky Shoe & Coach Laroo 
A Fantasy Garden Ballet Class 
YogaKids with Marsha Wenig (DVD j 613.7 YOGA KI)
Hula for Children! Learn Basic Hula Steps & 3 Hula Songs! (DVD j 793.31 HULA FO)

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