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Feb. 28, 2014 at 9:55am It's Flannel Friday!

It’s Friday! Know what that means? It is also Flannel Friday!

Flannel Friday is an online event in which participating bloggers post a description of a flannel board, puppet, or prop storytime activity on their blogs every Friday. All participating posts are shared together by gathering links into one blog location in a link round-up.

Flannel boards, also known as felt boards, are frequently used by librarians and teachers to extend the story experience. Even Miss Bonnie and Miss Carol are known to use flannel board activities in their storytimes. They provide a visual backdrop for children to practice and learn about the storytelling and sequencing concepts. Flannel boards incorporate several learning styles:

Oral – The children listen to you tell a story, or the children use the pieces to tell you a story.

Visual – The children see the pictures that go along with a story or song.

Kinesthetic – The children use their hands to put the pieces of a story onto the board.

At this point you are probably wondering what exactly a flannel board is. In its simplest form, a flannel board is a board covered with flannel fabric. The flannel contains soft fibers that cling to other soft materials creating a surface where small pieces can be added but not fall off when propped up. The small pieces are usually decorated to represent people, places or things in a story or song. The small pieces can be decorated felt, embellished soft fabrics, or even printed paper with sandpaper glued to the back (something I do when I am in a hurry). Any and all of the ideas used by teachers and librarians can be used at home. It is a perfect home activity that integrates storytelling and crafting.

I invite you to check out some of the wonderful flannel board ideas posted this week at the blog Stories with Ms. Jenna ( Many of these ideas can easily be used at home. I found a great description on how to make a homemade flannel board at the blog Teach Preschool ( For the Pinterest fans out there, there is also a Flannel Friday Pinterest page ( Oh my, this is a treasure trove of great and sometimes crazy flannel board uses. For more information about the online Flannel Friday event, go to the Flannel Friday blog (

Now make your Friday a Flannel Friday kind of day!

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