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Feb. 8, 2014 at 1:26pm February Fun

There are lots of fun holidays in February. Besides the obvious, like Valentine's Day and Presidents Day, you can celebrate "Love Makes the World Go Round; But, Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Week" or "Read in the Bathtub Day". How about "Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day", "Give Kids a Smile Day" or "Bubblegum Day"? Would you believe there's even an "International Sword Swallowers Day"?

So in the spirit of all things fun and silly, do something that makes you smile.  Tell a joke. Read a funny story. Read a joke book in the bathtub! Keeping it safely dry, of course... Does that make it dry humor?  Make whipped cream mustaches with your family.  Visit the library for Lego storytime (11am on Saturday). Sing the phone book as if it was opera.  Blow Bubbles! Check out what happens when you blow bubbles in freezing weather. Put apple or orange slices in front of your teeth for a great big smile!  Talk in silly voices. Eat dessert first. Wear mismatched socks, just because.  If anyone asks, you can always say "You know, I have another pair just like these at home!" If you need help remembering to laugh, check in with a child- they say that children laugh around 300 times a day, and adults laugh maybe 20.  So if your funny bone needs a tune-up, make some time to be silly this month.

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