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Dec. 4, 2009 at 1:30pm Check Out Our Theme Boxes !

Theme boxes now check out for 4 weeks instead of 2!

“What’s a theme box?” you ask? It’s a box containing books and related items - puppets, toys, CDs, DVDs - all pertaining to a particular theme. For instance, a unit on firefighters might include several books as well as firefighter’s hats, a puzzle, a DVD, a model fire engine and a book of activity ideas.

Imaginative play exercises the brain. Theme boxes encourage book-related play—which reinforces the love of reading, and actually stimulates learning.

If you have checked out theme boxes before, and are concerned about keeping track of everything, the boxes are being simplified to contain fewer pieces. Of course, if you want lots of pieces, please feel free to check out more than one theme box at a time!

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