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Nov. 25, 2013 at 5:06pm 25 mini-adventures @ your library

Spending some time in the library with your kids? Then you have time for an adventure! Inspired by the brilliant blog over at Mama Scouts, I created 25 family friendly mini-adventures specifically tailored for the Puyallup Public Library. Believe it or not there is more to do at the library than just checking out books and movies.

1. Look at an old newspaper from your birthday, or look at a microfilm from when grandma/grandpa was born. (Ask for help at the 2nd floor Reference desk.)
2. Find the community events bulletin board. Then pick out one event to attend.

3. Locate the juvenile comic book and graphic novel section. Pick one book to read. (Of course I would be happy to help you choose!)

4. Go to the cookbook area, select a recipe, go the store, get the ingredients and cook it that day.
5. Stare at the copper wall inside the library. What do you see? What other works of art do you see inside the library?
6. Choose a random music CD, listen to it all the way through when you get home. 
7. Explore the Friends of the Library Book Store. Purchase something for a special person in your life. (The money goes to a good cause!)

8. Look for a book of quotes. Find a good one and write it outside on the sidewalk with chalk.
9. Bring paper and colored pencils. Draw from the easy I-Can-Draw-Books for an hour.
10. Take a present to the librarians. 
11. Leave a thoughtful review on a post-it note in a book you really loved.
12. Discover the map case on the second floor. Pick out a map and spend some time looking at it.

13. How many cranes are hanging in the children’s non-fiction book area? Now find a book about origami and try to make your own crane.

14. The very first library in Puyallup was started by pioneer Eliza Meeker (right outside in present-day Pioneer Park). Can you find a book that mentions Mrs. Meeker or her husband Ezra Meeker?
15. Take some old magazines from the Magazine Exchange area, cut them up and make a special greeting card (thank you, birthday, etc.) for someone special.  
16. Create a poem using only book titles. Now stack the books so their spines all face the same direction. Take a picture of your book title poem.
17. Did you know there is a Geocache inside the Puyallup Public Library? Learn how to find geocaches using a GPS device and then find this one. Can you find other Geocaches near the library?

18. Find five works of art outside the library in Pioneer Park. Talk with someone about what these works are meant to represent.

19. Search for a poem in a poetry book and read it out loud. 

20. Read a biography from the children’s sections on someone you know very little about. (I found an interesting book about Wilma Rudolph, a famous track and field athlete.)
21. Find a baby name book, make a list of funny name combinations or choose a new name for the day. Does your name have any special meanings?
22. Hunt for authors with your same last name.
23. Look in the reference section. What is the weirdest reference book you can find?
24. Put together a list of suggested books and media for your library to buy. Make the library YOUR library. (Please include stuff the library does not already have.)
25. Make sure each kid in your family has their own library card and bag. Puyallup Public Library bags are only $1!

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