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Feb. 12, 2011 at 1:36pm Historic Events in Egypt

Watching History Unfold in Egypt

Anyone who has followed the events in Egypt over the past 18 days and watched the celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square cannot help but be inspired with how the Egyptian people have succeeded in ending the dictatorial rule of President Hosni Mubarak. In an amazing revolution, the people of Egypt prevailed through persistent and largely peaceful demonstration in changing the course of history. The question now is, "What’s next?" To obtain a little background on Egypt, here are a few resources you might use to put it all in context:

Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East by Robin Wright (2008) Journalist Wright has been covering the Middle East for over 30 years and this book, based on interviews with various militant leaders, reformers and political activists, provides a broad outlook on political views in Egypt and its neighboring countries.

What Every American Should Know About the Middle East by Melissa Rossi (2008) provides a concise overview of each of the countries in the Middle East. The section on Egypt provides a basic understanding of the country, politics and people.

The Grolier Database, available on the Puyallup Public Library website under the tab, Catalog and More, is a quick resource if you just want to learn the basic facts about the country, its history, culture, politics and economy.

To get an insider’s view, I’ve been following the Eye on Egypt blog written by Amal Sedky Winter. Amal Winter is an Egyptian-American psychologist based in Seattle who currently lives in Cairo, Egypt where she is Visiting Professor of Practice at the American University in Cairo’s Graduate School of Education. Her blog entries give a fascinating perspective on Egypt’s current events.

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