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Jun. 13, 2014 at 1:18pm Happy Father's Day!!!

OK- The countdown is on! What to get for your one-of-kind dad for Father’s Day this Sunday? Let’s face it. Our dads really don’t want another shaving kit or tie. In fact many dads will just want to watch the Spurs-Heat game or catch a World Cup match this Sunday. After the games are over, why don’t you give your dad the one gift that never fails…LAUGHTER! Here are some good books and movies to share with dad on his special day:

Books to Make Dad Laugh

Tales From the Dad Side: misadventures in Fatherhood (2009) by Steve Doocy. Emmy Award winning Doocy is a broadcaster with Fox but that background doesn’t help when it comes to parenting. This is a hilarious “guide” for being a dad in our “modern” age.

You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty (2014) by Dave Barry. Author and columnist Barry gives us his take on second round fatherhood in this new collection of comic short pieces. Fathers with teens will relate when the author recounts what, for a father, is "the ultimate sacrifice: I took my daughter to a Justin Bieber concert.”

This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing: parenthood in 71 Lists (2014) by Jason Good. Dads like lists, right? Stand-up comedian and well known blogger, Jason Good, covers some great topics in this new book. Suggestions on new ways to use baby wipes and topics such as “How to Defend Yourself Against a Toddler Attack” will keep dad entertained.

Movies to Watch With Dad

Finding Nemo (2003) One of Pixar’s best animated creations, Nemo is a terrific family movie that works for dads and kids of all ages. Marlin, the over protective Dad clownfish looks desperately for his adorable son, Nemo.

Father of the Bride: Both the 1950 classic with Spencer Tracy or the 1991 remake with Steve Martin are hilarious. I have a brother-in-law who watches the Steve Martin version with his teenage daughters every year and they love this.

National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) Who can resist Chevy Chase as Clark Griswald taking his family cross country to Wally World? Just the scenes of that awful green station wagon/truckster will make your dad laugh.

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