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City of Puyallup

Puyallup City Jail In-Custody Roster

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Aloia, Gregory Christopher14290905
Blodgett, Jacob Randall14260902
Brinker, Robert William14293904
Buryy, Leonid Seregy14293911
Carrillo, Jennifer14293903
Catlow, Jesse Alan14261908
Fernando, Einstein Jonn M14293909
Flansburg, Timothy Allen14281903
Fowler, David Alan14291901
Gerlach, Trevor Austin14292902
Hadley, Rikki Danielle14278902
Harbaugh, Kerry Joseph14275903
Hercek, David Keith14255907
Hildreth, Jessica Rene14290907
Holland, Matthew Anderson14255902
Horner, Michael Lyn14277903
Humpherys, Randall Lee14287901
Jackson, Christopher Allen14289905
Jensen, Darin Henry14292904
Kellas, Cristina Anne14290906
Kilby, Dennis James14289901
Kumdak, Deng Mamer14290908
Lannom Anderson, Cody Lee14248907
Macdougall, Gary Reed14262902
Madrid, Maria Dorsey14268903
Mccarter, Matthew David14290910
Murphy, Brent Robert14290909
Murphy, Daniel James14290903
Oneal, Robert Paul14281905
Park, Phillip Lester14293901
Rasmussen, Donald Eric14293908
Ronco, Israel Caleb14291903
Sears, Jordan Christopher14273903
Steincipher, Leslie14293907
Thiel, Amanda Jill14286901
Wieting, Hunter Chance14294901
Willis Jr, Michael Anthony14271901
Wolfname, Nicole Lyn14294902
Woolery, Tanner Dean14293906
Young, Douglas Nason14290901

*This information is provided as a guide only*

The online roster is not updated real time. For up-to-date inmate information, please contact the Puyallup Jail directly at (253) 841-5425.

Puyallup Municipal Court will accept cash, money orders, credit and debit cards. Bail for all other courts must be bail bonds or money orders.

The Puyallup Municipal Court times for Puyallup in-custody inmates are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Special arraignment dates, due to holidays, and other information about the court can be found at www.cityofpuyallup.org/government/municipal-court/. For information about all other outside agency courts, contact the courts directly.

For a list of local bail bond companies check the yellow pages.

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