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City of Puyallup

Puyallup City Jail In-Custody Roster

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Allen, Nathaniel Brian14127908
Avis, Ian Jacob14199911
Blubaugh, Mark James14221907
Chick, Melissa Ann14218904
Christy, Gary Dale14222907
Cooke, Jeffrey Allan14219903
Crow, Anthony Carroll14214902
Doyle, George Todd14195905
Draman, Michael Allen14213917
Eckhoff, Denelle Lynn14209907
Foisy, Tracy Lynn14074906
Harwood, Robert Earl14059904
Humphrey, Troy Admiral14224907
Hurd, Brian Keith14224905
Johnson, Ennice Lamon14230902
Johnson, Karly Kristine14227906
Juarez Peltier, Eric Joseph14229908
Kautzman, Timothy Leo14230903
Kirkendall, Benjamine Lee14222908
Lawrence, Micah Thomas14229907
Leair, Sebastian Grey14215904
Mcleod, Keith Thomas14230905
Miles Johnson, David Dandre14222911
Mixon, Renorldo Terrell14231904
Navidad Briones, Nicholas14229901
Ness, Gunnar Allan Kellog14231901
Newman, Robert Richard14224906
Papineau, Dillion James14219901
Phy, April Jean14231903
Powell, Barry Alan14216907
Riedel Willman, Jami Grant14230907
Robinson, Forrest Russell14228904
Roth, Bob Noel Lee14078907
Rousselle, Virgil John14231905
Russell Adams, Julie Jeanine14220901
Spencer, Samantha Nadine14223902
Stuart, Jon Brian14225902
Tharpe, Ashley Nichole14230908
Trinkaus Voirin, Timo Werner14074911
Turner, Marcia Nanette14202906
Wallin, Heidi Marie14231902
Weed, Dane Eugene14126914

*This information is provided as a guide only*

The online roster is not updated real time. For up-to-date inmate information, please contact the Puyallup Jail directly at (253) 841-5425.

Puyallup Municipal Court will accept cash, money orders, credit and debit cards. Bail for all other courts must be bail bonds or money orders.

The Puyallup Municipal Court times for Puyallup in-custody inmates are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Special arraignment dates, due to holidays, and other information about the court can be found at www.cityofpuyallup.org/government/municipal-court/. For information about all other outside agency courts, contact the courts directly.

For a list of local bail bond companies check the yellow pages.

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