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City of Puyallup

Puyallup City Jail In-Custody Roster

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Armstrong, Racheal Michelle14321904
Brandli, Benjamin Thomas14330910
Brown, Evan Christopher14331904
Buckler, David William14331901
Campolla, April Irene14330903
Corpman, Daniel Eugene14332902
Daily, Jason Lee14329903
Decaro, Ashley Elizabeth14314902
Doyle, George Todd14323903
Dunmore, Davina Leah14314906
Estrada, Ricardo Marino14328904
Florez, Cali Tajay14331905
Hart, Michael Roman14318908
Johnson, David Ryan14322904
Kellas, Cristina Anne14290906
Kendall, Robert Creighton14318906
Kusche, Keith Russell14330907
Laroche, Ashley Chelan14321911
Liddelow, Thomas Wayne14332901
Logsdon, Joshua Leroy14331903
Meyers, Todd Allen14323901
Morgan, Heather Marline14328905
Moslander, David Ray14328909
Neilson, Spencer Allen14313904
Nestegard, Adam Grant14322901
Newell, Audreyanna14308907
Oneal, Robert Paul14281905
Otter, Jason Clarence14329901
Pierce, Scott Stewart14310907
Smith, Christopher Shawn14330905
Titchenal, Jacob Aldem14329905
Travis, Kye Anthony14330901
Truesdell, Jordanlee Miles14315903
Vagatai, Aonoauaalofagiaoiava14330904
Vaughn, Ryan Jacob14330902
Whitworth, Brian Daniel14320902
Willis Jr, Michael Anthony14271901
Wolff, Lani Coreen14329906
Yeary, Dallas Danelle M14330909

*This information is provided as a guide only*

The online roster is not updated real time. For up-to-date inmate information, please contact the Puyallup Jail directly at (253) 841-5425.

Puyallup Municipal Court will accept cash, money orders, credit and debit cards. Bail for all other courts must be bail bonds or money orders.

The Puyallup Municipal Court times for Puyallup in-custody inmates are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Special arraignment dates, due to holidays, and other information about the court can be found at www.cityofpuyallup.org/government/municipal-court/. For information about all other outside agency courts, contact the courts directly.

For a list of local bail bond companies check the yellow pages.

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