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Puyallup Fair Impact Survey

2010 Puyallup Fair Impact Survey

Every year over 1.1 million people come to Puyallup to attend the Puyallup Fair. The influx of visitors during the Fair's 17 days has a dramatic impact on our city. The City of Puyallup has worked closely with the Fair each year to plan for potential concerns in regards to traffic, safety and security. This year, we would like to hear from citizens. Thank you for your help.
Puyallup Fair Impact Survey

Are you a resident of the City of Puyallup?


The amount of visitors that come to the Puyallup Fair each fall has a major impact on traffic in Puyallup.  Tell us how you feel we can improve traffic control.  What went well?  What should we do that we are not doing? 

Parking is another major area of concern for visitors who come to Puyallup during the Fair.
Where do you park when you come to the Puyallup Fair?
  Fair Parking Lot
  Private Lot or on someone's lawn
  On the street

Do you have other comments about parking during the Puyallup Fair? 

The Puyallup Fair works with Pierce Transit to offer transit options such as special buses and park 'n ride lots.  Have you had the opportunity to take advantage of the transit options? If so, how do you rate these options:
  Need more transit options
  Transit is not very helpful
  Awful, it's inconvenient

Tell us what you liked or didn't like about the transit options.  What can be improved? 

The Puyallup Police Department works hard to ensure that visitors and residents are safe when traveling to the Fair.  Please let us know of any concerns you have about safety and security during the 17 days of the Puyallup Fair.   

Tell us about any concerns regarding noise and cleanliness in Puyallup.  

Let us know of any other concerns you may have regarding city services during the Puyallup Fair.  What else can be improved?  What went well or what should we do that we are not doing?  Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.