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City of Puyallup

Progress to Date in 2014

City of Puyallup Progress to Date Report

In every community, there is always work to be done, policy changes to be considered, and improvements to be made. The hard work of Puyallup elected officials and city staff have resulted in a number of notable accomplishments in the first half of 2014. City Manager Bill McDonald's progress-to-date report presents a brief outline of the City's progress and successes so far this year.

South Sound 911 : The Participation Agreement was approved and the ratification of an updated Interlocal Agreement is in process.

. Pierce Transit Community Connector Bus : From concept to implementation the process was collaborative and the bus line is operational; collaboration on marketing efforts continues. View photos of the colorful Connector vehicles.

3. Sound Transit Station Access: A guidance letter to Sound Transit was adopted by the City Council and sent to their Board for consideration.

4. Utility Rate Design: The utility rates were indexed and implemented to begin to accrue adequate resources for increased capital projects.

5. Street Maintenance: Available Tier 2 funding will allow for increased funding of capital projects in 2014. Consideration of enhanced revenues was discussed in the Budget Policy Study Session.

6. Organizational Development: A management team effort to update code, structure, classification and compensation systems is underway.

7. Property and Facility Management: A systematic process for managing city property and facilities is well underway with notable improvements in maintenance and utilization already being seen.

8. Re-purpose former Dispatch Center: This facility has been re-purposed as a major storage area for records.

9. Marijuana Legalization Response: A moratorium is still in place as the state and surrounding communities develop a prudent response.

10. Emergency Management System: A complete retool of facility and technology has occurred. Currently, ongoing training is resulting in a response capability which has not previously existed.

11. Freezing Nights and the Impacts of Adult Homeless: Many of the Task Force recommendations were implemented by Freezing Nights, and reports of community impacts have decreased somewhat. The Planning Commission review of a code amendment is nearly completed with recommendations soon to arrive at the City Council.

12. Comprehensive Plan Update: Substantial progress has been made updating the Comprehensive Plan including the Parks and Recreation Element (adopted), Housing Element, West Hills Neighborhood plan, Land Use Element, Environmental Element and work on a new Economic Development Element. Upcoming is work with a consultant on the Transportation Element.

13. Clarks Creek and Stormwater: A new removal system involving hand removal of Elodea proved highly successful in 2013 and was expanded in 2014. Major stormwater infrastructure is under construction to reduce flows into Clarks Creek. Meeker Creek Channel Restoration has received its HPA permit, and is moving towards final design. The City is working with the Puyallup Tribe on the first two sediment reduction projects on Clarks Creek.

14. Technology in the Library: The Library has implemented RFID tags, automated checkout kiosks, and automated materials handling hardware.

15. Credit Rating Upgrade: The city’s credit rating was upgraded by S&P in 2014 from –AA to AA.

16. Bond Refinancing: Taking advantage of the improved credit rating and favorable interest rates, the City was able to refinance several bonds saving $700,000.

17. New generation IFAS Financial Management software: Finance is in the process of upgrading IFAS to the latest iteration of the system.

18. Multi-modal Transportation : The “JEB III Link” of the trail system was constructed and opened for public use, creating safer pedestrian passage between existing Puyallup trail system with the Foothills Trail. Watch video of the JEB III Link Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

19. Pioneer Park: The old playground equipment was removed and replaced with modern equipment. Watch the inauguration of the new playstructure.

20. Recreation Center: A formal evaluation of condition and cost estimate for repair was completed. An RFP for completion of repairs in phases is underway.

21. Splash Pad: The project was bid with poor results then rebid with an excellent response. Work will begin in September.

22. Sports Fields: The Parks and Recreation Board is currently reviewing needs and a proposed mix of dedicated revenues and a bond issue to fund acquisition of sports fields.

23. Leasing City Hall Commercial Space: A major tenant was added with the addition of an Edward Jones office. Both the Valley Arts space (being vacated) and the remaining 700 sq. ft have received serious interest.

24. Sanitary Sewer Upgrades: A major upgrade of the WPCP and some satellite pump stations was completed with the WPCP Generator and Flood Upgrades projects. The preliminary design for a new biosolids dewatering facility was completed and full design is underway for this critical facility. The intake screw pumps have been recoated, an essential maintenance activity for this portion of the WPCP.

25. Sewer system permit: The new NPDES permit for the treatment plan was issued after years of delay. Technical comments have been sent to Ecology to refine the permit.

26. Infrastructure Upgrades:

· The water main on 4th Ave SW was replaced.

· The 3rd St SW Infrastructure project completed utility upgrades and improved the corridor to the Sounder Station. As part of the project utilities were undergrounded, and Meeker Street, much in need of repairs, was restored as well.

· Corporate Yards was provided a new pervious concrete access, which was needed due to increased traffic and poor site distance at the entrance on 39th Ave SE.

· Projects currently under construction or under contract include:

i 39th Ave SE Overlay; 7th Ave SW Signal and City Wide Safety Improvements.

ii 15th St SW Stormwater Quality.

iii Puyallup River Outfalls Outlet Protection.

iv Terrace Drive Stormwater Improvements.

v Pioneer Park Splash Pad.

27. Infrastructure Grants: The City obtained a $5M grant for Shaw Road, 23rd Ave SE to Manorwood from TIB, as well as a Federal grant for overlay of Meridian, 15th Ave SW to 23rd Ave SW.

28. Property Acquisition: The City partnered with Forterra to purchase a key parcel of land at Deadman’s pond, immediately adjacent to a parcel already owned by the City. The City also successfully acquired, at no cost, a wetland tract along Clarks Creek that will assist in the riparian habitat restoration and elodea management on Clarks Creek. The City also successfully obtained Conservation Futures approval for purchase of properties directly across from the recently acquired wetland tract.

29. Police Department Work Space: Increased available space for the traffic unit by negotiating a low cost lease of an adjacent building with the Mt. Rainier Federal Credit Union.

30. Police Building Security: Increased security at the police department with the addition of a fence project for the back parking lot.

31. Court Security Remodel: Due to security concerns at the court, a private hallway was constructed for the judges to access the courtrooms without going through public access areas. The remodel also included modifications to the bailiff's check-in area and lobby - creating a wall and separate entry and exit areas.