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Downtown Redevelopment Plan

A Plan for Downtown Redevelopment

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The discussion about the future of downtown Puyallup continues ...
April 12th, 2005 - Community Meeting on Concepts for Downtown Plan
7:00 to 9:00 p.m., Peace Lutheran Church      
(214 East Pioneer Avenue)

In mid-February, the Puyallup community gathered together to talk about the future of downtown.  After three days of intensive meetings with community residents, interest groups, area retailers, property owners, agencies, and developers, a plan for the community's future has begun to take shape. 

The Draft Downtown Redevelopment Plan concepts will be presented to the City Planning Commission and the community on Tuesday, April 12th.  The City and  consultant team working on the Plan seek preliminary comment on how effectively the Draft Plan captures the community views expressed during the charrette.  The Plan will be considered further by the Planning Commission and the City Council at meetings in April and May.  Environmental review of the plan alternatives will be conducted during the summer with plan adoption occurring later in 2005.  Details about the Downtown Redevelopment Plan's review and adoption, and additional opportunities for public involvement will posted on this website.

All Puyallup residents, interested parties, and especially community members who participated in the February charrette meetings are encouraged to attend the meeting to hear how community input on the future of Downtown Puyallup was used to shape the draft plan.  This meeting is being hosted by the Puyallup Planning Commission.

Upcoming Public Comment Opportunities Following the Community Meeting on April 12th, the City Council will discuss the Plan alternatives in May 2005.  A draft of the Plan being evaluated by the Council will be posted on this site when available.  Dates and times for public comment on the draft plan will be posted when available.


In the past decade, the city has pursued a strategy to revitalize its historic downtown core. This strategy has involved investments to streets and infrastructure, siting of a Sound Transit commuter rail station, construction of city facilities (e.g., the new City Library that was built in 2002, Pioneer Park Pavilion built in 2003, a new Senior Center to built in 2006 and a new City Hall to be built by 2007). In order to continue this development the city has hired a consultant, Berger/Abam Engineers, Inc. to lead the work on a Downtown Redevelopment Plan. The plan will help to clarify future strategy for the development of downtown city parcels. In addition, city officials hope that the private sector will be able to use the information as a resource to make investment decisions in the downtown district.
Purpose of the Downtown Plan
The Redevelopment Plan for downtown Puyallup will establish a "blueprint" to shape future development in downtown Puyallup and revitalize the downtown area. The Plan will help the city identify what types of public and private investments and improvements to the downtown area should occur in the future.
The Study Area
The Redevelopment Plan will focus on a ten-block downtown area, which includes two distinct districts: an east-west Civic Center district surrounding Pioneer Park and a north-south commercial district immediately the east side of Meridian Street.  See an aerial map of the study area.
How the Redevelopment Plan Will Be Used
Upon completion, the Redevelopment Plan, along with other city regulations, will help to direct the build-out of both areas, and address allowable uses, structural development/design standards, and streetscape improvements.  The completed plan will provide more defined standards for smaller "focal blocks" and their vicinities relative to the remainder of the Redevelopment Plan area.  Early environmental review of projects emerging from the plan will enable future development to benefit from streamlined permit processing.