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City of Puyallup

Flood and Snow Response

In addition to the everyday efforts to maintain Puyallup’s streets, sidewalks, stormwater system, and other major infrastructure, Puyallup Public Works and Emergency Operations Staff put in a tremendous effort to protect our city and our citizens during recent snow and flood events. While repairs are still underway in many areas of the city, there is much to be proud of.


  • Public Works crews spread tons of sand and thousands of gallons of de-icer to improve road conditions.
  • The City Streets Crew worked 24 hours per day to plow roads and remove ice and snow.
  • The Parks Department cleared snow from sidewalks, parking lots, and other public areas at Puyallup’s parks.


  • The Emergency Operations Center defined a potential flood area based on water level forecasts and communicated evacuation recommendations to citizens who were perceived to be at risk.
  • Additional Police Patrols ensured that there were no property crimes in evacuated areas.
  • Our Engineering Department worked with developers to stabilize a number of landslides on vacant construction sites.
  • The Treatment Plant deployed water-filled tubes to protect the facility from damage.
  • Puyallup’s Public Works crews have filled potholes and repaired other surface damage on many roads throughout the city. They also worked to rebuild a portion of Levee Road under the north side of the Meridian Bridge after it sustained significant damage during the flood. The street, which allows large truck traffic to access SR 161 and SR 167, was one of the first city roads to be closed when the Puyallup River spilled over its banks on January 8, 2009.