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City of Puyallup

   About Court Record Requests...

If you would like to request a copy of Puyallup or Milton Court documents, please use either the on-line public record request option (look on the city's homepage, under the blue "I want to..." tab), or print and mail a copy of the public record request form. 

When requesting a copy of a court record, please be specific as to the document/s you are requesting.  It is not up to court staff to determine what should be sent.  Additionally, there are copy fees as follows:  $10.00 CD of  hearing copied; $5.00 for certified copies; $1.00 for the first page of copied materials and .15 cents for each additional page.

Puyallup and Milton Municipal Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, which means, we are not a court of permanent record.  Documents are stored according to the Washington Secretary of State's Retention Schedule.  Limited documents are kept for three (3) years after closure of a case.  After the three year period expires, hard-copy documents are no longer maintained.  The JIS docket is the only record kept in perpetuity. 

More information about access to court records in Washington State can be found by linking to: 

    Washington State Courts - GR 31