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City of Puyallup

Filing a Claim for Damages

Instructions for completing and filing a claim

Please read carefully and follow the steps listed below for faster processing of your claim.

1) Complete the City of Puyallup claim form. Provide as much detail as possible in the description section regarding the reason for your claim.

2) You must date and sign the claim form. Failure to sign the claim form will delay your claim.

3) It is to your advantage to attach relevant supporting documents (copies of any receipts, bills, invoices, estimates, etc.) or additional evidence (photos, diagrams, etc.) All documents are subject to the Washington State public disclosure statutes.

4) You must file your claim with the City Clerk in order for it to be valid. Return the claim form and attachments in person or mail to:

City of Puyallup
Attn: City Clerk
Puyallup City Hall
333 S Meridian, 4th Floor
Puyallup, WA 98371

What happens after the claim is filed?

Once a claim is filed with the City Clerk, it is forwarded to the Risk & Safety Coordinator, who creates a file and sends the claim to Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA).

WCIA will assign the claim to an adjuster who will conduct an investigation that includes comment(s) from the involved city department. The adjuster will then evaluate the claim and recommend a reasonable resolution, which will be one of three alternatives:

1) Accept/settle the claim.

2) Tender the claim (transfer it to another party).

3) Deny the claim (where there is no evidence of negligence by the City).

For more information contact the City’s Risk & Safety Coordinator at (253) 841-5594.