333 S. Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371 - 253-841-4321

City of Puyallup

Tues, 11/25 - 9:20pm: The Puyallup River rose significantly today due to heavy rains and crested just below flood stage. Some low lying areas around the river were impacted by rising water levels, and the Riverwalk Trail has been closed from Veterans Park west to City limits. View the NOAA Puyallup River Information. Stay safe, avoid high water areas, and do not drive through standing water. hide

Brenda Arline
City Clerk

333 S. Meridian, 4th Floor
Puyallup, WA 98371

Telephone: (253) 841-4321
Fax: (253) 770-3352

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Public Service and Information

The City Clerk's Office serves the Mayor and the City Council, the City Manager, and all administrative departments. The City Clerk's office preserves and provides access to the City's official and historical records. The City Clerk is the historian for the community as the entire recorded history of the city is in the Clerk's keeping.

The City Clerk's Office is called upon to provide information about the community, maintain the ordinances and laws of the city, prepare and distribute City Council agenda packets, and attend and report on City Council meetings and prepare official minutes of all city council meetings. Appointments to volunteer boards and commissions are coordinated through this office, and staff supports the various boards and commissions by attending meetings and preparing minutes.

The Clerk's Office is also responsible for: publishing legal notices and providing public notice of various city activities; accepting requests for public information; processing passport applications; claims for damages; permits for Special Events/Street Closures and Temporary Stands; and is the contact point for the purchase of memorial bricks for Puyallup's Veterans' Memorial located in Pioneer Park.

This office serves as a link between the citizens and their government.