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Current Budget Information

During this budget process, Finance Director Cliff Craig regularly shares information to the City Council to prepare them for scheduled Budget Review meetings.

As described in The Budget Process, the budget development begins each Spring. The goal is to have a finalized budget ready to go to the City Council for its October 2, 2012 meeting. State law says the city must have a balanced budget in place by the end of December each fiscal year.

Citizens have shown a great interest in the budget development process and, as a matter of transparancy, we will be posting the most current information available to help citizens understand the budget development process.

Finance Director's Budget Memos to Council

July 19, 2012
Budget Process Memo to Mayor and City Council
From Finance Director Cliff Craig

I want to give you an update as to where we are right now in our budget process.

First, we have just begun setting up our "baseline" budgets for next year. It is largely starting out with a carryover of last year's budget less one time events, like equipment purchases, grant expenditures etc. Salary and Benefits have been updated to reflect current assignments, step progressions and benefit selections. Read more.

See Budget Comparison - Reflects budgets as originally adopted by the City Council

July 23, 2012
Memo to Mayor and City Council re: Staffing Comparisons

Here is some additional information to help you prepare for the budget discussion on August 14th.

The "Puyallup Adjusted" and "Proposed Change" columns reflect the effect of eliminating all vacant positions as I mentioned to you last week.

Again, the department directors will have an opportunity to appeal this later, but this is what I expect to present to our Interim City Manager as a starting point in balancing the budget. He or she will need that head start, and can always recommend adding something back later. Read more.

See Cities Staff Comparison Chart Per 2012 Budgets and Population

City Manager Recommended Budget

The City Manager is required to submit a balanced recommended budget to the City Council by October 1. See the 2013 City Manager Recommended Budget.

Review the operating budget line item details for the Revenues and Expenditures for the 2013 Preliminary Budget.

*Update 2/22/13 - The City of Puyallup 2013 Adopted Budget is available