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City of Puyallup

Boards and Commission Members

Boards & Commission Members

Civil Service Commission
Charley Stokes, Chair
Patricia Bosmans, Vice-Chair
Peter Ruppert
Paul Mahoney

LEOFF Disability Board
Curt Vandver, Chair
Ken Hillius
Chris Taylor
Councilmember Julie Door
Councilmember Tom Swanson

Library Board 
Darice Hermann, Chair
Elizabeth (Dee Dee) Henry, Vice-Chair
Jee Hamburg 
Allen Rose

Parks, Recreation and Senior Advisory Board
Keith Sherrill, Chair
Phil Schumock, Vice-Chair
William Hilton
Georga Prossick
Stephanie Garretson-Blume
Michelle Chatterton

Planning Commission
Steve Hastings, Chair
Chris McNutt, Vice-Chair
Nancy Gowler Johnson
Clay Ciolek
Shelley Krashowetz
Curt Gimmestad
Pat McGregor

Design Review and Historic Preservation Board
Kristopher Stamon, Chair
Andy Anderson
Scott Harm
Jerry Isaksen
Paula Harmes
Jamie Prossick
Luke Heath

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

John Knutsen, Chair
Kent Hojem
Chuck Valley
Yvonne Gilbert
Shelly Schlumpf
Steve James
Michele McGill

City Council Salary Review Commission
Tenley Kolzow
Diana Martin
Patrick McGregor
Jacob Gibbs
Theresa Fremont