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City of Puyallup


Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT)

The City of Puyallup was one of three cities to receive a state Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT) grant in 2008. The grant provides $1 million a year for 25 years to improve infrastructure in the city's Revenue Development Area. The City's proposal outlines three areas of infrastructure improvement: Transit Oriented Development (TOD), transit and trail links between the city's two Urban Growth centers, and improved communication networks to allow for the rapid exchange of information. Read more about Puyallup's LIFT plan.


A Bus Rapid Transit project is a proposal under the LIFT plan. Nicknamed "EZRA" for Easy Rider Access, it would provide frequent transit service along the Meridian Corridor. The city is beginning to study how a Bus Rapid Transit project would work in Puyallup.

Transit Oriented Development

Read a draft study on Transit Oriented Development Options explaining concepts for how Sound Transit could work with the city to integrate parking for Sounder commuters with mixed-use projects, to improve the economic health and parking situation in the city's downtown area.