333 S. Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371 - 253-841-4321

City of Puyallup

Tues, 11/25 - 9:20pm: The Puyallup River rose significantly today due to heavy rains and crested just below flood stage. Some low lying areas around the river were impacted by rising water levels, and the Riverwalk Trail has been closed from Veterans Park west to City limits. View the NOAA Puyallup River Information. Stay safe, avoid high water areas, and do not drive through standing water. hide

Growing a diviersified economy

A one-time center of agriculture, Puyallup has grown and matured into a city with a rich historic downtown, a bustling shopping district and a growing employment base.  Puyallup's location is central to the four-county Puget Sound region and provides easy proximity to greater Puget Sound and its international ports.  The City serves as a "market crossroads" in east Pierce County connected to the major state freeways serving Central Puget Sound.  Puyallup's location on the main west coast rail routes provides easy access for the "Sounder" regional commuter rail service, making the City the top boarding location for connections to the Tacoma, Seattle and Everett markets. 

Puyallup's future economic outlook looks bright. Businesses will continue to locate in the City due to relatively inexpensive land and construction costs, the quality and stability of the work force, and competitive utility rates. In addition, many people and businesses are relocating to this region for its natural beauty and many opportunities. Puyallup combines the excitement of a major metropolitan area with small-town charm and abundant recreational opportunities. Finally, continued in-migration will contribute to employment growth and to new construction that will increase total assessed property values and have a positive impact on the Puyallup economy.