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Jul. 12, 2013 at 12:22pm City Manager's Update 7/12/13

Elodea Management 2013

The Elodea management program is designed to reduce the amount of elodea growth in Clarks Creek and limit its impacts on the citizens who live on the creek. As part of those efforts, this year’s activities included Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting, or DASH. This process uses divers to hand pull the weed from the creek and remove them completely – instead of cutting them as in past years. To date, over 7,000 50 pound bags of Elodea have been collected and removed from the creek. The plant material collected is being spread on local fields as mulch. Given the progress to date, it is highly likely that we will be continuing with the DASH method throughout the fish window (August 8th). Staff is cautiously optimistic that the contractor has the potential to clear the entire creek of Elodea by the end of the fish window.

Addressing Stormwater Pollutants at the Source

The Department of Ecology has funded a temporary position in the City of Puyallup that directs education and outreach support to local businesses. This position assists businesses in complying with NPDES requirements to maintain their stormwater infrastructure and address sources of pollutants and contaminants before they reach the City’s stormwater infrastructure. This is known as a “Local Source Control Program.” After a successful interview, Bryana Solis was recently hired to head up this program. She is scheduled to start work on August 5th. This position is funded by the Department of Ecology through June 2015.

Development Services Update

The City Hearing Examiner will hold public hearings on two separate land use applications on July 17th at 10:00 am in the City Hall Council Chambers:

· The Fruitland Estates residential plat, a 47 lot subdivision, is proposed for a 10.4 acre site on the west side of Fruitland Avenue near Fruitland Elementary School.

· A Shoreline Conditional Use Permit is under review to allow sediment removal from Clarks Creek in the vicinity of the 12th Avenue SW bridge. This sediment removal is a demonstration project of limited duration, expected to occur in the summer of 2014.

All Hearing Examiner hearings are open to the public and anyone may provide written and/or verbal testimony on any item.

Two new downtown businesses are expected to open in the next few weeks:

· South Sound Running: This popular runner’s specialty store is due to open a new retail operation at 115 S. Meridian in late July. The store owners currently have stores in downtown Tacoma and Olympia and considered several other Puyallup-area locations before deciding on this site as their third store location.

· Traveler’s Rest Pub (aka The Forum): This establishment, located at 208 South Meridian, has been under construction for much of the past year. It is now receiving City occupancy permits with an expected public opening of July 15th.

Comprehensive Plan Open House: Planning for Parks

Puyallup’s Comprehensive Plan outlines the vision and goals for the development of the City. Within that plan, the “Parks Element” is a chapter that specifically describes Puyallup Parks and defines the planned improvements at each city park facility. It also establishes service facility goals, which guide the development of certain park amenities (e.g. number of ball fields, children’s play structures, etc.). Puyallup is now updating the Parks Element, as required by the state Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), in order to be eligible for state funding opportunities. The RCO and the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board, certifies local plans on a six (6) year approval basis. The City of Puyallup’s current certification expires in 2014, so the update to this chapter will precede the entire Comprehensive Plan update process, scheduled to conclude in 2015.

The Parks Element update is scheduled to include three (3) separate open houses covering specific park facilities. The first will be Planning Area #1, which includes the following Parks and Facilities: Grayland Park/Memorial Center, Riverwalk Trail, Sam Peach Park, Puyallup Skate Park, Puyallup Recreation Center, and the Pioneer Park/Pavilion/Activity Center. Please be sure to sign up to receive dates and locations for each open house in the very near future:

Planning Area #1— Thursday, July 25th
Community Resource Center, 107 North Meridian
5:30 – 7:30 pm

For more information, contact: Chris Beale, Associate Planner cbeale@ci.puyallup.wa.us (253) 841-5418, or Sarah Harris, Parks and Recreation Administrator sarah@ci.puyallup.wa.us (253) 841-5516

Puyallup CAFR Report Online

The City’s audited 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is now available in electronic format and has been posted to the city’s website. The City of Puyallup’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is prepared by the City's Finance Department in conformance with the State statute RCW 43.09.230, and with the standards outlined by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada, and the GFOA's National Council on Governmental Accounting. These standards require statements to present the financial position of the City and the results of financial operations fairly, in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Railroad Crossings Close to Completion

The railroad crossing at 5th St NW will be the final of six crossing rehabilitation projects being completed in the City. Construction is currently scheduled for late August. This crossing had been delayed due to efforts to include the necessary upgrade of a storm line under the tracks as part of the project. BNSF has now agreed to proceed with the plan to install the storm drain casing associated with the 5th St NW Railroad Crossing. This is a significant win for the project and for the City’s partnership with BNSF, as installing the casing by open trenching has the potential to result in significant cost and downtime savings over the alternative of installation at a later date.

Public Works Update - At the Treatment Plant:

· The Crystal Ridge South Sanitary Pumping Station was upgraded with the installation of two new pumps the week of June 23rd. The original pumps, installed in the mid-90’s, were worn out and required constant maintenance.

· As part of its program to evaluate sludge dewatering devices, the Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) conducted pilot testing of a Prime Rotary Press during the week of June 23rd. In May, staff conducted pilot testing of an FKC Screw Press. The crew anticipates pilot testing a Fournier Rotary Press in early August.

· In June, the WPCP treated 103,517,000 gallons of wastewater – the equivalent of 92 gallons per day per capita. About 250 tons of pollutants (collectively defined as the conventional pollutants Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Suspended Solids) were removed from the wastewater, equivalent to about 99% removal; 347 wet tons of stabilized dewatered solids were trucked off site for beneficial recycling at agricultural sites.

Chase Garden and the Old Goat Farm

The Activity Center provided a local trip to Graham to visit Chase Garden and the Old Goat Farm. Chase Garden sits on a bluff overlooking the Puyallup River valley and features spectacular views of the mountain. It is one of sixteen Garden Conservancy preservation projects across the country and is noted for its exceptional beauty and originality. After a pit stop for lunch at the Flying Tomato, our group toured the Old Goat Farm. This attraction is truly a unique experience and is a throwback to a simpler time with its 100 year-old farmhouse, picturesque barn, beautiful garden, and specialty nursery.

Proactive Efforts to Maintain a Safe City

Crime Prevention Coordinator, Lisa Isaacs conducted a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey with a HOA Board member of the Bradley Park Estates to address safety and security issues. The neighborhood has experienced recent vandalism of entry monuments, mailboxes, and perimeter fencing, as well as noise issues from the adjacent Bradley Lake overflow parking lot. Lisa also led a Block Watch meeting with a neighborhood in the 300 block of 16th St SW June 28th at 6:00 pm. There were 21 attendees and 13 houses represented. This is a new Block Watch for the PD. Lisa also conducted a Personal Safety presentation to the staff at the Puyallup Recreation Center at their ‘All Staff’ meeting on June 28th.

Street Division Update

· The Street Division has started the replacement of the malfunctioning loop camera on the south bound leg of 4th St NW and Stewart. The new video equipment has been purchased and the camera should be mounted by July 11th. Once the camera is installed, programming work will begin inside the cabinet to make the system fully functional. This will restore thru and left turn movement detection northbound on 4th Street, for more efficient signal operation. Currently the signal recalls this leg every cycle regardless of actual vehicle demand.

· Staff has started the annual repainting of yellow curb. The project area will consist of the central business district, the fair zone, hospital, and Puyallup Schools. Due to numerous citizen requests, and with the input of the Traffic Engineer, the Street Division will add yellow curb to an expanded area around Sparks Stadium to improve parking near driveways, fire hydrants, etc.

· The recent annexation of Orchard Hills will be a focus of the Street Division for the next few weeks. Street signs have been changed out as of July 1st and a shared database between Public Works and Development Services will be updated with inventory information for ADA sidewalk ramps. Roadways and detailed distress information will be input into our asset management software and numerous maps will be updated for inclusion in maintenance programs, e.g., street sweeping.

Captain Brokaw completes training

Captain Dalan Brokaw recently graduated from the International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership in Police Organizations training. The three-week course (typically taught one week a month over three months), emphasizes applied learning. The course teaches participants the behavioral science theories to better understand how to lead individuals, groups, change, and organizations. Participants are challenged to use the theories and strategies taught to increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance within their organization and to support organizational change. Captain Brokaw attended this training with other law enforcement leaders from throughout the state, free of charge. The Port of Seattle Police Department hosted the class and invited others to attend. Typically, the course fee is $1,150.

Toppenish Murals

Puyallup seniors recently visited the quaint town of Toppenish and toured their beautiful murals in an old time horse-drawn covered wagon. This small City’s pride and joy are its 73 painted outdoor, historical murals which depict events and people that have made lasting contributions to the city. Before departing home, our group enjoyed a late lunch at the nearby Legends Casino.

Talk of the Town Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters clubs are designed to effectively develop communication and leadership skills in their members. The City Hall Toastmasters Group, Talk of the Town, has been recognized for excelling in its mission to help others develop these traits. Talk of the Town achieved the highest club honor of President’s Distinguished status for the year July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013. In order to attain this award, the club was required to meet at least 10 goals directly related to developing a strong club and skilled members. Earning this honor was, in part, due to the leadership skills of President Ellen Mak, Vice President of Membership Melanie Harding’s effective membership drive efforts, Vice President of Public Relations Michelle Ochs keeping the website current, and the important role Cliff Craig served as Vice President of Education. In recognition of President’s Distinguished status, Talk of the Town will receive a ribbon for the club banner, a certificate from Toastmasters International, and also be recognized by the District 32 Leadership team.

Talk of the Town is open to the public. All are welcome. Meetings are held on Wednesdays from noon to 1:00 pm at Puyallup City Hall Conference Room 504.


Mark Your Calendars

· July 16 – City Council Meeting, Council Chambers, 6:30 pm

· July 20 – AUSA Great American Picnic, Daffodil Valley Sports Complex – Sumner, 11:00 am

· July 25 – Parks Comprehensive Plan Open House #1, Community Resource Center, 107 North Meridian, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

· July 25 – Homelessness Task Force 2nd Public Input Meeting, Council Chambers, 6:00-7:30 pm

· August 13 – City Council Meeting, Council Chambers, 6:30 pm (Meeting Rescheduled from August 6)

· August 27 – Council Study Session, Council Chambers, 6:30 pm


Puyallup Farmer’s Market Hours:

Saturdays 9:00am - 2:00pm           April 13 – October 12
Wednesdays 3:00pm -7:30pm       May 29 – August 28

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