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Feb. 8, 2013 at 9:17am City Manager's Update 2/8/2013

Bond Refinacing Effort Exceeds Savings Goals

The City of Puyallup achieved greater than expected savings on January 29th by refinancing portions of three prior bond issues. As part of the refinancing process, the City sold a total of $13.5 million of bonds to replace existing debt. The bond sale resulted in a savings of $815,000 over the next 13 years. While the City set a 3% minimum savings goal, the actual savings achieved by the refinancing was roughly 5.5% due to the favorable bond market.

The City’s solid “AA” rating on the utility revenue bonds and “AA-” rating on the general obligation bonds, both from Standard & Poor’s (S&P), also contributed to the success of the sale. S&P cited the City utility’s strong financial metrics, minimal future financing needs, good management, and the City’s financial performance as factors supporting the strong ratings.

Puyallup Public Library Celebrates Centennial Anniversary

On February 11th, the Puyallup Public Library will be celebrating a century of service to the community. In its 100-year history, it has grown from the simple role of book provider to an information hub offering books, e-books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, early learning and literacy activities, internet access, job search and technology classes, public meeting rooms, opportunities for community connections, and more. Puyallup’s 100 years of literary history acknowledges the values of the city’s very first Mayor – Ezra Meeker – who was also a published author. The public is invited to join in the celebration on Monday, February 11th at 3:00 pm at the Puyallup Public Library. The library will also be kicking off the Mayor’s 100 Book Challenge; commemorating each of the Puyallup library’s years of service to the community.

In addition, the library will be hosting a variety of special events throughout 2013 to commemorate the “Year of the Puyallup Public Library.” Visit www.puyalluplibrary.org for more information on 2013 events.

Mayor Rick Hansen Elected as PCCTA President

At its meeting on January 3rd, the Pierce County Cities and Towns Association (PCCTA) elected Mayor Rick Hansen to serve as president for a period of one-year. PCCTA is a non-profit organization comprised of cities, towns, and military installations throughout Pierce County which meets to discuss items of common interest among members and related jurisdictions. The intent is to facilitate coordination of efforts among cities and towns toward common goals, serve as a central source of information, and educate the membership about governmental services and programs. PCCTA assists the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) in its programs and activities and also offers a chance for the cities in Pierce County to speak with one united voice on important county and state issues. Mayor Hansen said, “This is a great opportunity to work with other cities to ensure that our small city voices are not ignored.”

Emergency Management Program Grants

The Washington State Emergency Management Division has completed the final review on the city’s 2008 through 2012 Emergency Management Program Grants; funding is flowing once again. The agency’s supplanting concern was resolved favorably and the 2011 contract that was on hold has been reissued and rolled over into 2012. This has allowed Emergency Management to complete some key purchases, including providing an uninterruptable power source to the city’s computer network.

Reaching Out to Pets & their Owners

City staff is taking steps to share information on changing animal control laws before they take effect in the third week of February. Information for Puyallup pet owners is prominently displayed on the website homepage and on the monitors throughout city hall. In addition, information has been shared through multiple social media accounts and our contacts in the news media; we are also exploring options for additional outreach. You can see links to media coverage on this topic below.

The Puyallup Patch: http://puyallup.patch.com/articles/puyallup-pet-owners-face-new-laws-reduced-fines

Puyallup Herald: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/01/30/2454437/tiered-fine-system-set-for-animal.html

Cold Case Investigations

The Tacoma Police Department established a full time Cold Case Unit in March 2011; in September 2012 the TPD was awarded a National Institute of Justice grant directed towards solving cold cases through the use of DNA evidence. TPD has invited other agencies with unsolved cases to submit their cases to their Cold Case Unit. TPD’s Cold Case Unit will now serve as the clearing house for all cold cases in Pierce County. They are able to assist with case consultation as well as submittal of evidence to determine if DNA exists and subsequent DNA examination. The Puyallup Police Department will be participating and submitting our cold cases; PPD detectives will conduct a case review prior to submittal, and then work with the Cold Case Unit on the unsolved cases.

Explorer Hours for 2012

The Puyallup Police Department’s Explorer Post has calculated their hours for 2012, donating just under 6,000 hours. The bulk of those hours were for assisting at events including the Daffodil Parade, Meeker Days, the Puyallup Fair, Terror on the Trail, Black Friday and Not-In-Puyallup Holiday Emphasis, Santa Parade, Santa Cops, and the Winter Explorer Academy. The Post exists on donations and has done another stellar job of representing the Puyallup Police Department in 2012.

Puyallup’s Emergency Mitigation Plan

The city is required to have a mitigation plan in place to receive mitigation project funds when we repair infrastructure after major emergency and disaster incidents. Puyallup’s Mitigation Plan update is entering its final stages. A final draft is being submitted to the State of Washington to forward on to The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for approval. There is also mitigation funding provided in grants to mitigate potential impacts to infrastructure, e.g. flex connections to water reservoirs. Puyallup has had a mitigation plan in place since 2004, which is reviewed after every major incident and declaration and updated every four years. This is similar to the City of Puyallup’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

Wine, Dine and Win Excursion

The Puyallup Activity Center and University Place Senior Center joined forces to provide a three-day “Wine, Dine and Win” excursion for our seniors on January 29-31. The trip offered a little something for everyone with three days of shopping, gaming, and eating! Highlight attractions included: Tulalip Casino, Seattle Premium Outlets, The Silver Reef Casino, Nooksack River Casino, Samson Estates Winery, Skagit Valley Casino, Masquerade Winery, Bellingham’s Fairhaven neighborhood, and Angel of the Wind Casino.

Health Discussion “The Real Skinny on Fat!”

The Activity Centers offers numerous health discussion classes for our senior participants. A recent class titled “The Real Skinny on Fat!” was taught by Certified Holistic Coach, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and LMP Kari Elliott. Her class took an in-depth look at which fats are healthy, what is the best fat for baking, which is the best fat for frying, why your body craves sweets after meal, and the functions of fat in your body.

Puyallup PD to Participate with Safe Bicycle Riding Campaign

The Puyallup Police Department, in partnership with Safe Kids Pierce County and McDonald’s, will participate in a program that recognizes children who exhibit safe bicycle riding habits. This program is for police and fire agencies throughout the state of Washington to hand out “citations” to children seen out and about practicing safe riding habits. The “citation” can be redeemed for a free Happy Meal at McDonald’s. The program has been in effect for several years but has been recently upgraded from an ice cream cone to a Happy Meal as the reward for safe riding.

St. Valentines Day Party

The Activity Center’s St. Valentine’s Day Party will be held on Thursday, February 14 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Pioneer Park Pavilion. The Center is proud and excited to have the wonderful “Touch of Class Band” performing for our seniors and light refreshments will be served. A donation to the Puyallup Food Bank is required.

PPD In Compliance for In-Service Training

The Puyallup Police Department was once again in compliance with WAC 139-05-300: Requirement for In-Service Training. Commissioned police officers must receive 24 hours of training annually; 66% of the PPD’s commissioned officers completed over 61 hours of training during the year. As a department, PPD completed over 7800 hours of training in 2012.

Mark Your Calendars

· February 11 – Centennial Celebration, Puyallup Public Library, 3 pm

· February 11 - Pierce Transit Title VI Public Hearing, Pierce Transit Rainier Room, 3720 96th Street SW, Lakewood, 4 pm

· February 12 – City Gallery Artist Reception, 5th Floor City Hall, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

· February 12 - Council Study Session, Council Chambers, 6:30 pm

· February 14 – Activity Center Valentine’s Day Party, Pioneer Park Pavilion, 11 am – 1 pm

· February 18 – President’s Day - City Offices are Closed

· February 19 - City Council Meeting, Council Chambers, 6:30 pm

· February 26 – City Council Special Meeting, Council Chambers, 6:30 pm

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