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Planning Commission
Meeting Date: 03/12/2014  

Shaw Pioneer Overlay - Introduction
Puyallup Municipal Code (PMC) Sec. 20.46 contains the "Shaw-East Pioneer Overlay" (SPO), an overlay zone which currently applies to properties at the SE & SW corners of Shaw Road-East Pioneer.   PMC Sec. 20.46.005 anticipates the SPO's eventual expansion "to address areas on the north side of East Pioneer upon annexation of said areas...".    On January 28, 2014, City Council approved a motion directing that staff and the Planning Commission review the possible extension of the SPO to certain recently-annexed properties north of East Pioneer. 

The attached staff memo and accompanying attachments provide further background on this matter.   On March 12th, staff will recap this background information and facilitate a Commission discussion on the topic.   While feedback is requested, no formal Planning Commission action is anticipated at this meeting.         


Staff Contact
Tom Utterback - Development Services Director
Time Scheduled
90 minutes

Staff Memo
Vicinity Map
Ordinance #2887
Ordinance #2903
PMC 20.46 Shaw-East Pioneer Overlay Zones
Ordinance #3057
PMC 20.30 Commercial Zones
PMC 20.35 Manufacturing Zones
PMC 20.31 Mixed Use Zones
Shaw Pioneer Overlay Table

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