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AB- 3917   5.    
Design Review Historic Preservation
Meeting Date: 09/05/2013  

Downtown Character - 30 minutes
Further deliberation on the topic of Downtown Character.
Downtown Character
Earlier this year, your Board received staff briefings on this topic at multiple meetings.  In summary, this began with a request from the City Council in mid-2012 for the Planning Commission to review allowable downtown building heights.  After an extended process into early 2013, the Planning Commission - and City Council - determined that no changes were warranted to downtown zoning standards at this time, but that further review should focus on ensuring standards were in place to adequately preserve the historic downtown "feel". 
Your Board and the Planning Commission held a joint meeting on this subject on June 19th, with further background material provided at that time.  There was a wide-ranging discussion between the two groups at that meeting.  Staff, in particular, focused upon the existing Downtown Design Guidelines as a key historic preservation tool.  The major outcome of that joint meeting was a desire for the Board to consider further a building-based approach to downtown historic preservation, which could better "pinpoint" and prioritize those downtown structures with stronger historic significance - as well as adjacent properties.   
On September 5th, staff wishes to discuss further with the Board how to best move forward with this item.  As such, it dovetails with the immediately-prior agenda item regarding potential revisions to the Downtown Design Guidelines.  Meeting minutes from the June 19th joint session are being finalized at this time; we intend to transmit those to you prior to your Sept. 5th meeting to assist in your deliberation.
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30 minutes

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