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AB- 3916   4.    
Design Review Historic Preservation
Meeting Date: 09/05/2013  

Downtown Design Guideline revisions - 30 minutes
Review of draft revisions to the adopted Downtown Design Guidelines
Downtown Design Guideline revisions
One of the functions of the Design Review & Historic Preservation Board is to review designs for qualifying development projects in downtown Puyallup.  In conducting those reviews, the Board administers the Downtown Design Guidelines, which were adopted in 2006.   In 2010, the then-Design Review Board proposed misc. draft revisions to portions of the Design Guidelines.  While those draft revisions were broached with City Council at that time, they were never adopted. 
During recent discussions on "Downtown Character", there was support for the current Board to re-visit those proposed changes from 2010 to determine if all or part of them are still warranted.   Attached to this memo is a copy of those draft revisions (in track-changes format).  Key elements of proposed changes were:
•           lessening of the “continuous” storefront awning requirement;
•           removal of the $150,000 total improvement value threshold for triggering design review;
•           converting a number of “should” statements into “shalls” to be more prescriptive and revising other descripters/semantics through the document, as well as incorporating more local building illustrations;
•           adding a new section on pollution abatement to visually conceal mechanical equipment from pedestrian corridors, provide acoustic screens for mechanical noise attenuation, and locate mechanical vent exhaust (odor) away from pedestrian corridors.
    On September 5th, staff will review those draft revisions with the Board and discuss potential next actions.    
Staff Contact
Time Scheduled
30 minutes

Draft Downtown Design Guidelines Track Changes - November 30, 2010

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