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Design Review Historic Preservation
Meeting Date: 09/05/2013  

Sound Transit Access Improvements Project - 15 minutes
Sound Transit is in the midst of a Station Access Improvement planning effort to identify potential capital projects in and around the Puyallup Sounder Station which would aid commuter access.    A Sound Transit representative will give a brief presentation to provide more information on this overall process and will also ask the Board to identify one member to participate in an upcoming "Stakeholder Roundtable" to provide community input to this study.   
Sound Transit Access Improvements Project
In 2008, regional voters approved a sales tax increase to provide Sound Transit with funding for a variety of transit enhancements. Part of this funding package, known as "ST2", includes station access improvements in and around the commuter rail station, including Puyallup. In the fall of 2012, Sound Transit completed a preliminary Access and Demand Study and identified various potential investments to improve pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access to and from its Sounder Stations. These include improved bicycle and pedestrian access, traffic circulation improvements, and potential satellite parking lots and/or parking garage(s). Over the coming year, the Puyallup Station Access Improvement Project will build on this work and additional outreach will be conducted to develop a set of capital investments to improve access to the Puyallup Sounder Station that support the interests of the Puyallup community and Sound Transit.
Sound Transit is using several means to engage the Puyallup community in this project. In an effort to hear from various points of view from the Puyallup community, Sound Transit is convening a Stakeholder Roundtable. The Stakeholder Roundtable will be asked to review and provide input on proposed access improvements over the coming months. The proposed improvements will eventually be reviewed by the Puyallup City Council and a final group of access investment projects will be considered by the Sound Transit Board of Directors in mid-2014, which will then be subject to further environmental review and ultimately construction.
Sound Transit is inviting representatives from Puyallup's Planning Commission, Design Review & Historic Preservation Board, business community, and the community at-large (including riders) to participate as members of the Roundtable. This group is expected to meet several times between fall 2013 and spring 2014.   One member of your Board is being sought for this Roundtable.
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