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Design Review Historic Preservation
Meeting Date: 09/05/2013  

Historic Preservation Recognition Award - 20 minutes
A few years ago (late 1990's through mid-2000's), the City, in partnership with other local organizations, co-administered an annual historic preservation award which was tied to "National Historic Preservation Month" in May.  Under that program, nominations were accepted each year to recognize noteworthy local preservation and restoration efforts.   The awards program has been inactive in recent years.    As requested by one of your Board members, staff will present background information about the awards program and discuss with the Board whether there is a desire to reestablish this program.
Historic Preservation Recognition Award
The City previously accepted nominations (late 1990's through mid-2000's) for an award in recognition of noteworthy local preservation and restoration efforts. In conjunction with the City, the Puyallup Historic Preservation Recognition Awards Program was sponsored by the Ezra Meeker Historical Society, the Puyallup Main Street Association, Chamber of Eastern Pierce County, Valley Arts United and Puyallup Heritage Arts Foundation (some organization names have since changed).
The Program accepted annual nominations for three different building categories, including "Commercial", "Residential" and "Other"; one award was given per category type. This program was available to buildings that were not placed on the County, State, or National Registers of Historic Sites, opening the program to more structures. The nomination application is included as an attachment in this packet. The award consisted of a bronze plaque and certificate presented to the owner(s) during a May City Council Meeting, which is National Historic Preservation Month.
From staff analysis, it appears that the City was soliciting nominations as recently as 2009, but awards haven't been given in a number of years due to the lack of nominations from the public.  At this Board meeting, we would like to discuss the following:
  • Program: should we explore reestablishing the Historic Preservation Recognition Awards Program?
  • Scope: considering the lack of interest in recent years, should the scope be altered to tighten or loosen the nomination criteria? 
  • Program Administration: DRHPB and/or groups previously involved?
  • Budget: cost of award plaques.
Staff Contact
Time Scheduled
20 minutes

Historic Preservation Recognition

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