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SS- 3876   1.    
City Council Study Session
Meeting Date: 08/27/2013  
Subject:    2015 Comprehensive Plan Update
Submitted by: Katie Baker
Department: Development Services  

Information and discussion on the status of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update
Purpose of Discussion
Planning staff will present an update on the status of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan "major periodic" update, as required per state law and included in the 2013 Planning work program.  Staff previously reviewed the two-year work effort associated with this Plan update in a briefing to City Council in February of this year. The Planning Commission has begun work on this update; tasks completed to date include:
  • June 12, 2013 open house; the public was invited to learn more about this 2-year update process and provide feedback on the direction and vision of Puyallup;
  • Community Vision & Values survey available online during the month of June; this provided another opportunity to gather community feedback on what individuals value about Puyallup today and their vision for the future;
  • August 14, 2013 Planning Commission work session to review and recommend an updated Foundations Element, including a revised vision statement, based on feedback from the survey and open house.
At the August 27 City Council study session, staff will present that updated vision statement for Council review and endorsement, as well as provide a briefing on the status and upcoming work related to the Comp Plan update. 
Per State law, this is a required major update to the City's Comprehensive Plan, anticipated for final adoption by mid-2015.  While the Vision Statement will not be formally adopted until 2015, concurrent with the balance of the Plan update, City Council could recommend modifications to the draft vision statement at this time.
Recommended Future Action
City Council will continue to receive regular updates on this Comp. Plan update process, via study session briefings and as formal periodic decisions are required.

Draft Foundations Element

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