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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/13/2013  
Subject:    Position Reclassification Request
Presenter: Debi Christensen
Department: Human Resources  

Recommended Action

Authorize the City Manager to approve a new job classification as recommended through a reclassification analysis conducted by the Human Resources Department.


The classification of positions and job descriptions are maintained by the Human Resources Department. Within current job descriptions there are Permit Technician and Permit Technician Lead. The Human Resources Department was contacted by a supervisor and asked to conduct a desk audit of essential functions for an existing Permit Technician's position. This was based on departmental need substantially changing the position's tasks, duties, and responsibilities over the past few years. This action was supported by both the Development Services Director and Public Works Department Director.

In the 2013 adopted budget there are 3.0 FTEs, including 1.0 FTE as Lead and the remaining 2.0 FTE as Permit Technicians. Two of the positions are within the Development Services Department, and one is in Public Works and provides support within the Engineering Division.

Through conversations with department heads it became apparent that the existing model of having multiple Permit Technicians and a single Permit Technician Lead is not as conducive to meeting departmental need as would be the newly proposed structure of Permit Technician and Senior Permit Technician. In addition, the compensation/classification analysis determined the Permit Technician in Engineering is functioning at a higher level of responsibility. Therefore, the Human Resources Department recommends placement of one FTE into a different classification aligned with the salary range of the existing Permit Technician Lead. If approved, we recommend and request approval, not only a title change from Permit Technician Lead to Senior Permit Technician, but also modified job duties more accurately reflecting the body of work performed. While this recommendation does not change the total number of FTEs within the series, it does allow the flexibility to place incumbents appropriately aligned with their respective responsibility level, while at the same time offering future upward mobility within the classification series to more than one employee at a time.

Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
This proposal was previously submitted for Council's review prior to to the July 16, 2013 meeting.
Summary of Proposal

This request for authorization is specific to the Permit Technician Lead classification, where a change would enable the city to instead have a Senior Permit Technician classification. Human Resources recommends changing the Permit Technician Lead title to Senior Permit Technician to better meet departmental needs. If approved, the outcome would be that one employee would be reclassified in title only and one employee would be reclassified from non-represented Permit Technician pay grade 5 to non-represented Senior Permit Technician pay grade 7.

Per Administrative Policies and Procedures Policy 2.6.1, when authorized, changes are effective on the date specified by the City Manager.


1. Change an existing employee's duties to better align with the Permit Technician job description. This alternative is not recommended given it would not meet departmental or organizational needs.

2. Identify a different job classification representative of the existing job functions for the incumbent. This would likely result in a new classification since existing classifications have already been considered without a match found.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: 92,627
Bid Amount:
City Funding Needed for Project:
Funds from Other Sources: 1,099
Ongoing Staff Costs:
Fiscal Impacts:
The 2013 budgeted amount of salary and benefits for the 1.0 FTE of Permit Technician is $92,627. If authorization is granted to the City Manager to incorporate the Senior Permit Technician job description, the anticipated total cost of salary and benefits in 2013 would instead be $93,726; an increase of $1,099 over 4.5 months (mid-August through December). This amount would be covered within the current Public Works budget allocation.
Management & Classifications of Positions Policy
2013 non-represented Salary Schedule
Permit Technician Job Description
Permit Technician Lead Job Description
Senior Permit Technician Job Description - DRAFT

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