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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 08/13/2013  
Subject:    Budget Adjustment Ordinance 2nd Quarter 2013
Department: City Clerk's Office  

Recommended Action
Approve second reading of an ordinance amending the 2013 Budget.
This ordinance provides adjustments to the 2013 Budget as authorized by RCW 35A.33.120. The amendments reflect changes that have occurred since City Council adoption of the 2013 Budget via Ordinance No. 3021 and the amendments adopted in Ordinance 3040. The budget amendments included in this ordinance essentially fall under three specific types, each clearly identified in the accompanying exhibits which detail the budget changes. Most of these adjustments have already been approved by prior Council action as part of total expenditures by fund. Changes that Council has not yet approved are indicated as "pending" in the approval date column in Exhibit B.
Categories by Type:
1. Changes previously approved by Council action. Nearly all necessary changes fall into this grouping. Typical examples are new revenues, new appropriations, and adjustments to actual based on better information. Approval date is indicated.
2. Capital project continuation. These changes move the unexpended portion of projects previously approved by Council into the current year. An example in this category is $65,000 of Tier 2 funding for the Library Lighting project carried over from the 2012 budget.
3. Recommended adjustments. For example, $12,000 in the Donations to Puyallup fund is to authorize expenditure of the donation awarded to the Library as intended by the donor.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
The 2013 Budget was adopted by ordinance 3021 on November 27, 2012. The last 2013 budget adjustment ordinance was No. 3040, approved on May 7, 2013. In 2012, Council directed moving to a quarterly adjustment process; this ordinance is the second quarterly ordinance according to that direction.

Council approved first reading of this ordinance at its regular meeting of July 16, 2013.
Summary of Proposal
This ordinance formally amends the 2013 budget consistent with prior Council direction. The only item that has not already been approved by Council is the expenditure of a donation to the library to be used as intended by the donor; this expenditure is consistent with prior direction and presented for Council approval at this time.
Any amendments to the budget made during the year may be adopted by a series of budget amendment ordinances. The best management practice--and preferred approach by the State auditor--is to have all adjustments adopted by ordinance by year-end.

Fiscal Impact

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