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SS- 3803   4.    
City Council Study Session
Meeting Date: 07/09/2013  
Subject:    Justice Center Status Report
Submitted by: Bill McDonald
Department: City Manager's Office  

Justice Center Status Report
Purpose of Discussion
Helix Design Group has been working with initial programming and planning for a new Justice Center. This work is not a design at this point. It is instead a detailed analysis of the space needs which should be considered for a new facility or facilities. A related outcome would be a better idea of the footprint such a new facility would require and need for acquisition of property.

This level of investigation is reconnaisance in the sense that it provides informtion upon which more informed decisions can be based. The Council has discussed the need for better Justice facilities but has not commited to a plan for moving forward.
Bruce McKean, the lead architect that has worked with staff will be prepared to discuss some of the questions which arise when a major undertaking of this type are being considered. Those questions could include property needs, location, remodel versus new construction, design considerations in the historic downtown.

Recommended Future Action

The City Council should consider whether the Justice Center Project should be part of the strategic plan for the City as it moves into the 2014 budget process. Staff time and financial resources have been minimal to this point. A more deliberate project will require a major commitment of the new Property and Facilities Manager as an example.

Site Diagram
Space Analysis

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