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SS- 3802   2.    
City Council Study Session
Meeting Date: 07/09/2013  
Subject:    Review of City Council Rules of Procedure
Submitted by: Bill McDonald
Department: City Manager's Office  

Review of City Council Rules of Procedure:
Section 3. Council Representation and Section 11.2 Council Rights and Responsibilities
Purpose of Discussion
This is a Councilmember requested item. Interactions of Councilmembers with Standing Committees and at public forums can present some challenges. While Councilmembers have the same freedoms as other citizens to express opinions, it is important to understand where the line is drawn between a personal opinion and the permitted expression of a Council position. Sections 3. and 11.2 of the Council's Rules of Procedure provide some guidance. Discussion will include comment from the City Attorney on the reasons for being careful about public statements.
An example of a policy from the City of Bothell on Council Rights and Responsibilities provides some detail on the problems that can occur when care is not exercised when making statements in standing committees or regional forums. 
Recommended Future Action
A possible outcome of this discussion would be an amendment to current Council Rules.

Excerpt from Bothell Rules of Procedure

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