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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/07/2013  
Subject:    WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Center Development Agreement
Presenter: Katie Baker
Department: Development Services  

Recommended Action
Hold a public hearing and thereafter approve a development agreement between the City and Washington State University (WSU) for its Puyallup Research and Extension Center, and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement substantially in a form as approved by the City Attorney.
Under RCW 36.70B.170 and PMC 1.15.030, the City Council may authorize a development agreement for projects which require some flexibility from underlying development standards when there is a corresponding public benefit provided by the project.

The applicant requests an interim development agreement authorizing City staff to review and issue two pending building permits at the WSU Center, each valued over $150,000, while deferring associated street frontage improvements and prior to approval of a campus Master Plan. The attached staff memo further outlines the requested deviation from Section 11.08 and 20.44 of the Municipal Code as well as the proposed public benefit. As noted therein, this proposed development agreement is of a limited duration, with a 12/31/13 sunset date. WSU would still be subject to a future long-term development agreement that would establish a methodology for future frontage improvements, completion of its Master Plan process, and full City review of all building permit applications to determine adherence to applicable Code standards.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
The potential of a development agreement for the WSU Extension Center was raised at a City Council retreat in February, 2012. A staff memo updating the City Council on this situation was distributed in June, 2012. More recently, in April, 2013, an update was provided to Council on recent developments related to this proposed interim agreement.
Summary of Proposal
Approve an interim development agreement between the City and Washington State University (WSU) for its Puyallup Research and Extension Center that would allow City staff to review and issue two pending building permits at the WSU Center, each valued over $150,000, while deferring associated street frontage improvements.
RCW 36.70B.200 requires a public hearing before the City may approve a development agreement. A previous development agreement was initially proposed to WSU by City staff.  As staff and WSU representatives were working to come to a consensus on the terms of that agreement, the time-sensitive nature of the submitted building permits prompted staff to discuss with the City Manager and City Attorney the possibility of developing this interim agreement to address immediate impacts while continuing to work on a long-term approach to frontage improvements. Council has the option of either approving or denying the proposed agreement.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted:
Bid Amount:
City Funding Needed for Project:
Funds from Other Sources:
Ongoing Staff Costs:
Fiscal Impacts:
The proposed "interim" development agreement would not waive the requirement for street frontage improvements at the WSU Research Center at the time of qualifying projects, as staff feels this is an important infrastructure-improving development standard which has long been applied city-wide. Instead, it would allow WSU to move forward with its current building permits while continuing to work with City staff to establish a project-by-project methodology for incrementally improving the street frontage work and finalizing its Master Plan. As with an eventual long-term agreement, it also encourages WSU and the City to cooperatively seek grants for potential low impact development (LID) demonstration projects to help improve affected street frontages.
Staff Memo
Development Agreement
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