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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/07/2013  
Subject:    Orchard Hill Annexation
Presenter: Katie Baker
Department: Development Services  

Recommended Action
Conduct a public hearing concerning the establishment of pre-annexation zoning and subsequently conduct second reading of an ordinance annexing and establishing zoning for the area commonly referred to as the Orchard Hill Annexation to the City of Puyallup.
Landowners in an area commonly known as the proposed Orchard Hill Annexation area petitioned the City to annex their property. The proposed area is located in the City’s Urban Growth Area to the west of South Fruitland and current corporate limits. The area is a fully built-out single family subdivision comprising 19 acres.

The City Council held an initial public hearing on the petition on February 5, 2013. At that time, Council unanimously approved first reading of an ordinance annexing and establishing RS-08 (medium density single family) zoning for the proposed annexation area.

Following that hearing and ordinance reading, staff notified the Pierce County Boundary Review Board of the proposed annexation. No person or entity invoked BRB jurisdiction during the statutorily mandated 45-day period, and thus, the annexation proposal is deemed approved by the BRB pursuant to law.

Per State law, two public hearings are required before pre-annexation zoning can be implemented. The May 7th hearing will be the second public hearing on zoning.

The proposed ordinance provides for the annexation to become effective on July 1, 2013. If Council adopts the ordinance, City staff will coordinate with affected property owners and utilities to achieve the transition. 
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
The City Council adopted Resolution No. 2222 on September 18, 2012, which authorized the circulation of 60% annexation petitions. The Planning Commission discussed pre-annexation zoning at a work session on November 14, 2012 and held a public hearing on January 9, 2013. The City Council held public hearings and approved first reading of an ordinance annexing and establishing pre-annexation zoning for the Orchard Hill area on February 5, 2013.

Summary of Proposal
This hearing will give the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed pre-annexation zoning. The Planning Commission recommends establishment of RS-08 (single-family residential, 8,000 square foot minimum lot size) zoning for this area upon its annexation.
Council has the option of approving or rejecting the proposed annexation, and the additional option of approving or modifying the proposed zoning. On the question of zoning, the Planning Commission did consider the RS-10 zone as an alternative to RS-08 zoning. However, Commissioners voiced concerns about creating some nonconforming parcels due to lot size if the neighborhood was zoned RS-10.  At first reading, City Council accepted the Commission's recommended RS-08 zoning.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted:
Bid Amount:
City Funding Needed for Project:
Funds from Other Sources:
Ongoing Staff Costs:
Fiscal Impacts:
As with any annexation area, Puyallup would expect to experience fiscal impacts due to this subdivision coming into the City, both in new net costs and revenue.

Upon annexation, the City will begin providing standard municipal services to this neighborhood, including public safety and streets. After reviewing calls for service from this neighborhood over the past five years, the Police Department determined that the call volume would not adversely impact its level of service. Similarly, the Public Works Department performed a surface analysis of the condition of the infrastructure and concluded that, as the streets and sidewalks are in acceptable condition, annexation would result in no more than a modest increase in maintenance responsibilities. The neighborhood has just one streetlight, which the City would maintain at minimal cost.

Homes in this neighborhood currently receive sewer service from the City, for which they pay a 50% surcharge, which would be removed upon annexation. (Note: at its January 15, 2013 study session, the City Council authorized the removal of this surcharge in all areas, separate from this annexation. This was further discussed at Council’s April 23, 2013 study session.) The City would receive increased revenues in the form of a portion of the property taxes paid by each homeowner and in utility service taxes and fees.
Staff Report
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Boundary Review Board Approval

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