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City Council Study Session
Meeting Date: 04/23/2013  
Subject:    Discussion of Pierce Transit service options
Submitted by: Bill McDonald
Department: City Manager's Office  

Discussion of Pierce Transit service options
Purpose of Discussion
The continuing budget problems experienced by Pierce Transit has resulted in a decrease in service to Puyallup and surrounding communities. The effect is less service to our residents at the same or higher cost depending on the city's sales tax revenue levels. Some communities like Sumner, Orting, and DuPont have gone through the formal process of withdrawing from the District.

Councilmember Vermillion is on the Pierce Transit Board and has been involved in the extensive discussions at that level regarding future service planning. This study session item will focus on three subjects:

1. The service level reductions that will be placed into effect September 2013 and how that impacts our residents.

2. Data on the bulk of the Puyallup ridership.

3. The resources which are sent from the Puyallup area to the Pierce Transit budget in contrast with service levels.

This is a discussion of realistic alternatives. Staff will provide some basic information on legal issues and potential alternative service providers. Some of the alternative actions moving forward include:

a. Negotiate with PT for inter-city service that is different from their regional concept i.e. circulating buses through our residential areas using smaller buses to bring citizens into the downtown core or to the mall.

b. Discontinue service with PT, withdraw from the PTBA, petition through a vote of the people to establish our own Transportation Benefit Area and support the same with a redirected 6/10th of one percent sales tax (same source, different provider).

c. Procure our own resources such as smaller buses much like airport shuttle buses for fixed routes and much smaller ADA vans for ADA shuttle service.

d. Contract with a private bus company for local service.

A good outcome will be to begin to chart a future direction for efficient city wide bus service (perhaps also including Sumner).
Recommended Future Action

This discussion could help form a policy position on continued participation in Pierce Transit.

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