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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 04/16/2013  
Subject:    3rd ST SW Improvements
Presenter: Mark Palmer
Department: Development Services  

Recommended Action
Staff is recommending the award of the contract to the low bidder Stan Palmer Construction to begin infrastructure reconstruction in 3rd ST SW and in West Meeker. 
As noted in earlier communications, our State legislators were able to secure State Department of Commerce grant funding of approximately $1.5 million to facilitate long-term transit-oriented redevelopment of the AOB site. The Council previously authorized up to $250,000 of LIFT money towards improvements on this site, for a total project budget of $1.705 million.  The city manager recently authorized an additional $250,000 of LIFT money towards the 3rd ST SW Improvements project, providing a total project budget of $1.955 million.  A favorable bidding climate has allowed for the undergrounding of overhead utilities in 3rd ST SW.  Undergrounding of overhead utilities and widening of the 300 block of West Meeker was was included in the contract bid alternatives and the overall low bid including bid alternatives fell within the project budget.

Sewer and water mains are failing in the 300 block of West Meeker and had been scheduled to be replaced in 2013.  The West Meeker sewer and water main reconstruction work has been tied to the 3rd ST SW Improvements contract so that both projects may benefit from lower unit prices expected from a larger project.  Within the 3rd ST SW contract the West Meeker infrastrucutre work has been separated into a separate bid proposal and will be paid for from city utility funds.

On June 5, 2012, City Council adopted a resolution accepting the State grant. The grant scope of work is to fund various infrastructure projects - including adjacent water/sewer upgrades and street/sidewalk improvements - which are intended to add value to the AOB site and aid redevelopment. This construction contract is for the utility, sidewalks, street trees, pedestrian furniture, street lighting, ADA upgrades, and road improvements contemplated in that scope of work on 3rd Street SW between 4th Avenue SW and West Main. 

Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
Prior City Council actions/communication relative to this overall project include:
-11/15/11: approval of a budget adjustment ordinance which authorized expenditures of up to $100,000 on work supporting the redevelopment of the AOB lot (2nd reading was approved 12/6/11).
-6/5/12: acceptance of the primary grant from State Department of Commerce.
-7/17/12: in response to a City Council inquiry at the above-cited June 5th meeting, staff distributed a memo to City Council giving more background on the State grant relative the AOB site and specific expenditures.
-8/28/12: staff gave an informational briefing to the City Council on the status of the AOB lot, including the State Commerce grant.
-9/04/12: the City Council approved first reading of the budget amendment ordinance for the State Commerce grant. Second reading was approved 9/18/12.
-10/02/12: the City Council approved an agreement with AHBL for the design of the 3rd Street SW project from West Main to 4th Avenue SW.
-10/18/12:  the City Council authorized approval to enter into a project design agreement with Puget Sound Energy for underground conversion of overhead power lines on 3rd ST SW.
Summary of Proposal

The 3rd ST SW contract scope includes the replacement of undersized cast iron water mains with larger ductile iron pipe, replacement of undersized concrete sewer pipe with PVC sewer pipe, replacement of undersized concrete sewer pipe with larger ductile iron and PVC pipe.  New ornamental streetlights, landscaping and pedestrian curb ramps will be installed as well as new sidewalks, driveways and curbs.  Undergrounding of overhead utilities will be completed in 3rd ST SW to the extent that the low bid, including bid alternates, falls within the project budget.

The West Meeker scope of work includes replacement of the failing sanitary sewer and cast iron water main.  The street is in poor condition and will be reconstructed.  West Meeker will be widened to 40 feet if the bid alternate falls within the city's project budget. 


The bid proposal was structured with base bid proposals for 3rd ST SW and for West Meeker.  Bid alternates were added for the undergrounding of overhead utilities in 3rd ST SW, and for widening of West Meeker.  Bid alternates allows flexibility to award additional desired work if the bids fall within the available project budgets.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: $2,130,000
Bid Amount: $1,216,036.31
City Funding Needed for Project: $175,000
Funds from Other Sources: $1,955,000
Ongoing Staff Costs:
Fiscal Impacts:
Project funding sources include $1,455,000 of State Commerce Department grant funds and $500,000 of LIFT funds. City utility funds in the amount of $175,000 will be used to fund the West Meeker infrastructure replacement.
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