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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/07/2013  
Subject:    Conveyance of Pierce County and Donald Pejsa storm tracts within Candlewood Plat
Presenter: Rob Andreotti
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Approve the acquisition of one parcel of land from Donald Pejsa, et al. (Pierce County Tax Parcel 2819510440) and another from Pierce County Public Works and Utilities (Pierce County Tax Parcel 2819510430) for $1.00,  plus associated filing and closing costs, utilizing funds from the Stormwater Utility Fund; authorize the City Manager to execute all documents necessary to complete said acquisition, said documents to be in a form as approved by the City Attorney; and ratify and confirm all acts taken prior to the approval of this motion that are consistent with the intent and purpose of the same.
Both of the parcels to be conveyed are located within the Candlewood Glen plat, located south of 39th Avenue SE with access off of 21st Street Court SE. The parcels are zoned RS-10 (single family residential, 10,000 SF minimum lot size) and are part of the wetland inventory.
The Candlewood Glen plat was annexed by the City of Puyallup on June 15, 1992 via Ordinance 2312. Street right-of-ways automatically transfer to the City upon annexation, but stormwater tracts, parks, etc. require a formal conveyance for their transfer. The parcel owned by Pierce County contains a stormwater tract; this parcel was not conveyed to the City after annexation. The Donald Pejsa, et al. parcel surrounds the Pierce County pond parcel except for an access road. The Pejsa parcel contains portions of the stormwater infrastructure which are part of the public stormwater system. The Pejsa parcel was also not conveyed to the City after annexation.

It is not known why these parcels were not conveyed to the City following the annexation of the Candlewood Glen plat in 1992.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
Ordinance 2312 was passed by the Puyallup City Council on June 15, 1992 annexing the Candlewood Glen plat. This action conveyed the public infrastructure (roads) but not the stormwater pond, as parcels which contain ponds must be conveyed in a separate action.
Summary of Proposal
Under this proposal, the City Council will accept the conveyance of two parcels which contain a stormwater pond. This will facilitate future maintenance of the pond.
• Accept both parcels:
Accepting both of these parcels would allow the City to maintain a pond facility that is needed to meet our NPDES requirements. The City would be able to assure the proper maintenance of the facility and its future operation.

• Do nothing:

This alternative would relegate both parcels to the uncertain state of ownership they have been in since 1992. Pierce County has not maintained this pond and it appears that the owners of the surrounding parcel have not  either performed any maintenance. Though the pond seems to be functioning at the present time, inadequate or improper maintenance could pose problems in the future. Continuation of the present ownership state of these parcels would make it difficult to address such problems.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: 0
Bid Amount: NA
City Funding Needed for Project: 1
Funds from Other Sources: NA
Ongoing Staff Costs: 800
Fiscal Impacts:
Typical costs for maintenance of a facility of this nature are:
Total annual maintenance and inspection hours: 8 hours
Total annual inspection costs: $200
Total annual labor/equipment cost: $600
Total Costs $800
Vicinity Map 1 - Parcels Only
Vicinity Map 2 - Ortho Views

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