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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 04/09/2013  
Subject:    Milwaukee Bridge Replacement - Acceptance of Federal Funding Grant
Presenter: Rob Andreotti
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Accept a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Bridge Replacement Advisory Committee (BRAC) grant for the Milwaukee Bridge Replacement project in the amount of $10,000,000, amend the budget and capital plan as appropriate, and authorize the City Manager to execute the grant funding agreement in a form substantially as approved by the City Attorney.
The Milwaukee Bridge is located on Milwaukee Avenue NE/5th Street NE in Puyallup. The existing bridge is a cast-in-place box girder built in 1961 by Pierce County Public Works. It was annexed by the City in 2005. It spans the Puyallup River and consists of one main span (200 LF) and five approach spans of varying length. The total length of the crossing is 472 LF. The 2011 sufficiency rating for the bridge is 15.32 (out of 100), rendering it structurally deficient. The bridge was posted with load restrictions in 2009. The 2008 Average Daily Trips (ADT) on the existing span was 10,080 and the future (2029) ADT is anticipated to be 11,800. The deck is 26 feet wide, which is considered functionally obsolete. The current lane configuration is two 12-foot lanes with one-foot shoulders. There is a sidewalk on one side which does not meet ADA requirements. It has been determined the expected lifespan is ten years (+/-). Depending on future bridge inspection results, closure of the bridge could be sooner than the expected ten-year lifespan.

In order to meet current standards for bridge construction, the proposed bridge deck width will need to be approximately 50 feet wide. This configuration would provide two travel lanes, shoulders, sidewalks on both sides, and vehicle barriers meeting current impact standards. It is likely that the new bridge deck width and alignment would require the purchase of adjacent properties for right-of-way to complete the project.

The grant application was submitted on May 4, 2012. The funding recommendation list forwarded to the FHWA on November 13, 2012 included up to $10 million for the Milwaukee Bridge Replacement project. This would provide approximately 80% of the estimated replacement cost of $12,580,000; the City would be required to match the balance of the estimated replacement amount ($2.58 million over the course of the project). Official notification of the award, as well as the ability to begin obligating funds, was received on November 20, 2012. No funds have been obligated at this time.

The anticipated timeline for the project is as follows:
• 2014 – Preliminary design and permitting. Begin right-of-way acquisition and final design for construction (note: ROW acquisition would likely require purchase of an entire parcel or parcels by the City);
• 2015 – Begin construction of the replacement bridge structure; and
• 2018 – Project completion.

If the City cannot meet the 20% match requirement of the grant, provide the balance of project funds required to construct the project, or begin the process for preliminary design by the end of 2013, any funds expended would need to be returned to the FHWA. Otherwise, the City would be obligated to complete the construction, utilizing City funds, within five years.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
This matter was originally submitted to Council on February 5, 2013.  No action was taken at that time.

The Milwaukee Bridge project was incorporated into the capital budget beginning in calendar year 2014, as recently approved by the Council.

The Milwaukee Bridge project was also listed in the Transportation Improvement Plan 2013-2018 that was approved by the Council on August 14, 2012.

The award of the grant was reported in the November 30, 2012 City Manager's update.
Summary of Proposal
Under this proposal, the City Council will accept the FHWA grant in the amount of $10,000,000 for the design, ROW acquisition, permitting and construction of the Milwaukee Bridge Replacement project. This will cover approximately 80% of the cost of the replacement structure; any project funds required over that amount shall be borne by the City. The City's financial obligation is estimated at $2,580,000.
No Action Alternative: Council could choose not to accept the grant at this time. However, there is no guarantee that such funds would be available in the future. The bridge would remain in its current state until such time as closure was required upon federally mandated bridge inspections. The current estimated lifespan of this structure is ten years (+/-). As noted in the project schedule, the design, ROW, permitting and construction process for this project could take up to five to six years.

Accept Grant Award: As noted above, accepting the grant award does commit the City to budgeting the balance of funds ($2.58M) to complete the project. A minor amount of utility funds could be used for this match to replace existing utility facilities on the bridge and to account for any stormwater treatment requirements.  Staff is currently pursuing other, non-federal grants, such as the Transportation Improvement Board, which could be used for this project, however none have been awarded at this time. The remainder of the funds would need to come out of the general fund.

Accept Grant Award and Unable to Complete the Project: As noted earlier, if the portions of the design were completed but subsequently it was determined that the project itself could not be completed, the City would have two options:
• Return any funds expended to date to the FHWA; or
• Return only the unused funds expended, and accept the obligation to complete the project within five years utilizing only City funds.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted:
Bid Amount:
City Funding Needed for Project: $2,580,000
Funds from Other Sources: $10,000,000
Ongoing Staff Costs:
Fiscal Impacts:
Amount Budgeted:
Bid Amount:
City Funding Needed for Project:
Funds from Other Sources:
Ongoing Staff Costs:
Fiscal Impacts:
Potential sources for the City’s $2,580,000 include nonfederal grants (such as the Transportation Improvement Board) and Tier II street funds ($212,000 has been allocated for 2013).
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