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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/05/2013  
Subject:    South Sound 911 Memorandum of Understanding
Presenter: Bill McDonald
Department: City Manager's Office  

Recommended Action
This is an update to Council on a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Puyallup and South Sound 911. The purpose of this Memorandum is to clearly outline a path for collaboration between the City and South Sound 911 which results in a high level of integration and efficient use of financial resources. This is a status report on the discussions and anticipates the City Manager will bring an MOU for future adoption.
The City of Puyallup has made significant investments in its radio system and dispatch operation over the years and most recently the design and construction of a state-of-the-art dispatch center. The City felt compelled to make these investments in part because of technical and political fall starts at the County level. The approval of the sales tax measure which resulted in the creation of South Sound 911 became a game changer for radio system upgrades (interoperability) and governance (including the follow of money) for public safety communications. It has become even more important that the City of Puyallup be actively engaged with Sounth Sound 911 to ensure good system design and protection of City interests at the governance level.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
January 22nd Council Work Session on Radio System Upgrade: The City Manager, Communications Center Manager Tim Hannah, and Information Technology Manager Jim Frey briefed the Council on the status of radio system upgrades which result from the South Sound 911 implementation effort. The City Council agreed that the City of Puyallup is part of a larger regional radio system and must be engaged in the upgrade process to ensure that it is not operationally isolated. The City Manager was told he could proceed with discussions with South Sound 911.

November 30th Council Meeting: City Manager discussed with Council reorganization of IT&C and the need for Puyallup to secure cost recovery from South Sound 911 for technological apgrades including investments in our Dispatch Center Upgrade.

October 2nd Council Meeting: City Manager announced he would be meeting with Andrew Neiditz regarding City of Puyallup's relationship with South Sound 911.
Summary of Proposal

The Memorandum of Understanding focuses on five areas of concern to the City. The four technical issues are (1)radio system upgrade, (2) computer aided dispatch upgrade, (3) configuration of dispatch facilities to include use of the Puyallup Dispatch Center, and (4) use of the Puyallup server environment by South Sound 911. The fifth issue is a path or paths for the permanent involvement of Puyallup in both the technical committees and the governing board of South Sound 911.

The Council has given clear direction to ensure that the City of Puyallup radio system not be obsoleted in some may by decisions made by South Sound 911 and the City of Tacoma. The collaboration which is currently happening is on a path which will protect that piece.

Including protection of the investments in the Dispatch Center has been a more recent discussion. Council has generally supported working on agreements which would allow the City of Puyallup to sell service/share assets where operatonal control of our Dispatch Center is not relenquished.  

Fiscal Impact
South Sound 911 MOU

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