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SS- 4203   1.    
City Council Study Session
Meeting Date: 02/11/2014  
Subject:    Special Event Policy Questions
Submitted by: Melanie Harding
Department: City Manager's Office  

Special Event Policy Questions
Purpose of Discussion
In March of 2013, the City Council approved an ordinance updating the regulations related to special events. Subsequently, a Special Event Action Team (SEAT) representing  Streets, Traffic Engineering, Parks, Police, Risk Management, and other involved divisions was convened to evaluate Special Event / Street Closure permit applications. This team approach has streamlined the process, allowed a more thorough review of safety and other community impacts, and improved communication during permit review. While working through this new process, the team has run into five items that require Council direction:
  1. Should certain community events be considered “City-sponsored”? 
  2. Should private events be allowed to use City property without a charge? 
  3. Are there City properties where alcohol use should be permitted during special events?
  4. Should amplified music for private special events be prohibited, regulated, or permitted?
  5. Should the Puyallup Municipal Code be amended to allow a process for applications to be submitted less than 90 days in advance? 
Council was presented with an overview of these items in late 2013, and more detailed information was requested. A memo with additional background on the Special Events / Street Closure Permit process and related policy questions is attached.
Any future actions will be directed by Council.    
Recommended Future Action
Staff seeks Council direction on each of the five items in order to facilitate a more clear, efficient and streamlined Special Event/Street Closure Permit process.  

Memo on Special Events

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