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AI- 3359   14.    
City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/05/2013  
Subject:    Contract Award: Salmon Springs 20 Inch Transmission Main Design
Presenter: Mark Palmer
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Award the Salmon Springs Main Phase I design contract to Parametrix in the amount of $148,153.
The Salmon Springs Transmission Main is the oldest and most important piece of pipeline infrastructure in the City of Puyallup's water system. This pipeline has served the valley area of Puyallup entirely by gravity since 1906. In 2011, it transported nearly 60 percent of the City's water supply. The portion of the pipeline included in this project is located in the City of Sumner, and traverses some challenging areas including steep slopes, streams, and wetlands. The engineering services scope of work incorporated into this agenda bill represents Phase 1 of what is intended to be a two-phase design project. In the first phase, Parametrix will complete the groundwork for the design and eliminate as many unknowns as possible by performing detailed topographic survey, wetland and critical area delineation, and geotechnical exploration. Parametrix, in conjunction with City staff, will then perform preliminary design analysis to select the best alignment, pipe material, and construction methods to construct a new transmission main while leaving the existing main in service, and also perform permitting consultation with the City of Sumner to identify permitting issues specific to the preferred alignment.

The scope and budget for Phase 2, which will include detailed design of the transmission main, final permitting, rehabilitation of the existing main (if determined to be feasible), and construction services, will be developed once Phase 1 has been completed.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
On April 5, 2011, Council awarded the contract for expansion of the well capacity of Salmon Springs to MVG, LLC.

On November 27, 2012, Council approved the City's capital budget for 2013 which authorized $300,000 for replacement of the Salmon Springs water main.
Summary of Proposal
Phase I: route selection, geotechnical investigation, wetland analysis, permitting strategy and 30% design of a new Salmon Springs water main from near the well head area to a connection point within a residential area of the City of Sumner.

Phase II: final design, permitting and construction management. This will come back to Council for approval after Phase I is completed.
This project utilized the Municipal Research and Service Center's (MRSC) consulting services roster, which allows the City to send notifications to all consultants registered with the service that have experience in the area of expertise required and have expressed an interest in working with the City of Puyallup. The MRSC roster was used to satisfy state law requirements that contracts be awarded based on a competitive process. Of the 81 firms contacted in reference to this project, Parametrix was selected from MRSC's list of pre-qualified professional service providers based on the firm's expertise, quality of design work, cooperation, and efficiency in accomplishing necessary tasks on other projects to date. This selection followed review of submitted statements of qualifications and competitive interviews with four firms.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: 300,000
Bid Amount: 143,153
City Funding Needed for Project: 143,153
Funds from Other Sources: N/A
Ongoing Staff Costs: N/A
Fiscal Impacts:
Funding for this project is entirely from budgeted water utility funds.
Parametrix Contract

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